Who is that masked man?

Good news — my daughter sewed me a mask, and it arrived today!

So comfortable…now I can go rob a liquor store and no one will know who it is! Or whatever this is for.

Unfortunately, almost no one is wearing any kind of mask when they go out in Morris. We need a few thousand of these here in town.


  1. wajim says

    Is it accurate to say that masks protect others around the person wearing the mask more than masks protect the wearers? Inquiring Liberal Arts major wants to know.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    wajim #1: Is it accurate to say that masks protect others around the person wearing the mask more than masks protect the wearers?

    Yes. Unless it is an N95 mask, it will not remove all potential viral particles from the inbreath. And with that beard it is certainly not forming an airtight seal. Basically, it’s a sneeze and cough guard to keep the wearer from spreading aerosol particulates.

  3. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    The N95 mask I have will filter the inhale, but has a butterfly diaphragm valve for the exhale, meaning it is not filtered. Typical industrial dust mask. It protects my lungs, not those around me from my exhale. Need to wear it with a cloth mask covering the valve for fuller protection.

  4. publicola says

    An article on NPR’s website said that if you cut a ring if nylon out of a pair of pantyhose, so that it operates like a headband, then pull it down around your mask, it will filter incoming air significantly better. The article was dated 4/22 and is still up there today.

  5. wajim says

    R. Selkirk #2: Thank you, what I thought, but . . . Wait, you are some sort of scientist, aren’t you?

  6. hemidactylus says

    Looks pretty sweet PZ. I have two masks so far and will be getting a third. I fear Duh Sanity impaired governor in Tallahassee who totes Trump’s jockstrap for him will recklessly reopen Florida in which case a mask will be a Kleenex on a failing dam. I feel so fucked. Reading comments on local news articles gives me a sense of the strength Dunning-Kruger and downright nutty denialism has on the dipshits here.

    I still wonder what the hapless folks who saw the ocean suddenly retreat from the shore were thinking before a tsunami suddenly hit them.

  7. wzrd1 says

    While I did have to go out and get breakfast foods and considering the abomination of a mask I started to make and will have to seriously redesign, I went out like a bandito with a cravat that was doubled, then a spare over it.
    Not to protect me, my SPO2 is now 95, normally it hovers around 98 – 99, my wife’s SPO2 10 minutes after awakening was 92, it came up to 96 – 97 shortly after as I was finalizing logistics of an ambulance and essentials for hospital.

    So, given all that, if I have to go walk that miserable couple of blocks again, I’ll just use a sealed plastic bag. It’s not like I’ll have more of an oxygen deficit, given the six panting rest stops for that short distance!
    I’d have considered pushing the hospital button earlier, but no insurance, no money, it’s stabilize and shove out the door by law. Die tomorrow. I’m not passing that debt via my estate, such as it is.
    Shit, I need to make a will. Wife gets the disposal that she desires, I’ll go for a body farm.

    That bad? No, worse. Started out feeling like a horse was standing on my sternum, with a fireplace poker between my ribs on a deep inhalation.
    That’s gone, the pains a bit lower and body aches abound for minimal reason.
    Walk 100 feet, spasms from the low kidney region to the sacral region, bilaterally. Confusion reigns, forgetfulness abounds and I forgot two things to pick up at the store.
    Fuck it.
    Feel free to share that joy with those who think it’s “the flue” or whatever other misspelling of common terms that they choose.
    I’m fairly certain that we’ll survive, but it’s gonna be miserable.
    Frankly, with the confusion and panting, I’d rather wipe my ass with a chainsaw.

  8. davidc1 says

    Your daughter might put a pretty picture of a spider on your mask ,there are masks out there with cats on them .
    And i know you have boycotted faceache ,but there is a clip of two black guys being escorted out of a Walmart
    because they were wearing face masks ,won’t happen to you i bet ,or those gun nuts who go shopping with an assault rifle .