1. rpjohnston says

    My first thought on seeing the Twitter post was “who’s that in the picture? Doesn’t look like PZ”

  2. says

    Tegan says, and I quote, “It’s a good look. I don’t know why it’s so good, but it’s a good look for him. BRB, going to an M state to chat up PZ Myers.”

  3. Cardinal Shrew says

    You should have some fun with that green screen behind you… put yourself someplace fun.

  4. brucej says

    Report: 27th Week of Isolation:

    The PZ-Cat war continues apace. Cat took the bathroom after a shattering battle, now controls dwindling TP supply. Am rallying the spider army for a counterattack, but I fear the troops will be hard to roust from their encampments in the corners and dark places.

    Cat has learned that feather on a stick is just a ruse, deigns to fall for that. Research continues apace on secret laser pointer weapons.

    Dyed my ears fluorescent green in an effort to combat boredom…

  5. christoph says

    Nice look-kind of Goth, but you need some guyliner to complete it. And black nail polish, of course.

  6. cartomancer says

    Is this the first step in designing your infamous pirate alter-ego and thereby placating the ghosts of your viking ancestors?

  7. says

    The green screen is somewhat permanently set up in my home office — I’ve scheduled Zoom get-togethers with my students 4 days a week.

    Oooh, guyliner. Maybe later. Also realized that I should have touched up the eyebrows, too.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    If you make the beard slightly more pointy, you will be a dead ringer for Bond villain Hugo Drax.
    He also was into using pandemics to achieve world domination.
    Or you could just get a zeppelin. Any hairstyle or beard goes along with zeppelins. And you can stay airborne while 99% of everyone perishes.

  9. stroppy says

    Nice make-over, digging the pirate vibe. If you’re stuck for things to do, learning to play the hurdy-gurdy might be interesting.

    And fwiw, here’s a little bit of pirate springtime to freshen up the shut-ins.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    At first I thought the beard will be useful for absorbing noise, protecting you from the critters of “Pitch Black”.

    I have too much time in my hands so I have worked out how to handle the next apocalypse. If PZ starts training bats he will be in a position to track down and shoot the baddies from A Quiet Place.

  11. blf says

    I know that during the various episodes of the plague here in Europe people did amazing things to try and ward it off…

  12. laurian says

    Can someone explain to my why Americans are dying their hair sickly hues apparently with Kool-Aide juice packets? I don’t understand this phenom which I suspect has a lot to do with being a reclusive 57 yo white male. Please help.

  13. blf says

    @22, The mildly deranged penguin points out dying feathers with packaged sugary drinks is known to attract walruses. (Exactly why isn’t clear, but then nothing is with walruses.)

    She therefore suggests that doing the same with this hair stuff attracts… well, something. Probably not walruses, and besides the obvious flies, perhaps hurdy-gurdys? Or crumhorns?

  14. Dr. Pablito says

    Not bad, not bad. I’m sheltering-in-place with other people who would give me negative feedback, but I’m thinking of growing out a pandemic beard. Usually, I’m pretty grey, so I haven’t bearded in several years, but this could really be the inspiration…

  15. billseymour says

    Not about beard color specifically, but on the more general topic of what to do with oneself when stuck at home, I finally watched the Hullabaloo. It would have been nice if you had somehow identified the other participants. I recognized PZ, of course, and I recognized Lauren (did I get the name right?) from attending a bunch of Skepticons (and I would have recognized Dr. Singham and Mr. Avester if they had been in on it because of photos on their blogs), but I had no clue who the other folk were.


    Email. Send me email. I like email. I hate phones. I kill phones. — Laura Lemay

    This boomer has finally gotten his first ever cell phone. (I’m not a Luddite…I’m a computer programmer…but I agree with the quote above.) I need the cell phone because I’ll be starting the work-from-home business on Monday, and there’d be no way, using my Western Electric dial-up instrument, to “press 1 to join the [WebEx] meeting”. 8-(

  16. azpaul3 says

    So you have gone from arachnology to cosmetology. Boredom will do that.
    You realize that evolutionary psychology is next, right?

  17. brightmoon says

    Reminds me of when I dyed my hair fuchsia about 20 years ago. All my white friends hated it and all my black friends loved it.

  18. magistramarla says

    I like it, PZ. Makes you look younger. Has Mary seen a picture yet? Any reaction?

  19. mykroft says

    PZ, now that you’ve explored the color purple, might I suggest something in Dayglo? I imagine that would brighten your outlook…

  20. seachange says

    I dye my own hair and beard purple. I find that it doesn’t stick to my beard unless I damage my beard with a light blonde permanent color first and then be-purple it with a semi-permanent color on top.

    Males tend not to RTFMS. This is not an aesthetic opinion, this is a “hair dye is bad to get in your eyes under any circumstances” opinion. Boxes of hair dye say in their instructions NOT do to this.

    The thing to do is use makeup in your eyebrows or get specific dye for eyebrows. Nobody makes eyebrow dye in fashion colors. The company Colourpop makes eyebrow pencilly implements that will not match exactly but will look intermediate between your hair and beard. Be sure to ask your beautiful trophy wife before you use her makeup remover though, it might be wise to get your own.

  21. prfesser says

    Bathing or dyeing a cat is easy. All that’s needed is about an inch of warm water in the bathtub, mild (baby) shampoo, chain mail, and three pairs of full-grain leather welding gloves.

  22. dianne says

    Social isolation, week 1: I will continue to uphold standards and dress appropriately for work.
    Social isolation, week 2: We’re not even running video. Who cares if I wear pants or not?
    Social isolation week 4: I have cloth tubes that bifurcate at the bottom in my house. I no longer have any idea why.

  23. christoph says

    @ prfesser, # 40: There’s an easier way to bath a cat. The only problem is the fur sticks to your tongue.

  24. Silentbob says

    Why do you have purple hair dye in your house?

    Wait a minute… you ain’t one of them crazy SJWs are ya?! I thought this was a science blog!

  25. guido says

    I don’t perceive the color as purple, but it looks good. Plus, it’s could be a poke in the eye to the likes of “Rev. Falwell” :-)