This is what it looks like when Canada sticks out its tongue and gives you a big lick

Oh, boy. I checked the weather forecast, as one must in Minnesota in the winter, and take a look at our hourly prediction for the temperature. It’s going down all day long, just getting colder and colder from now until darkness, when it will also get colder. Also, 40km/hr winds all day means we’ll have blizzard conditions.

Fortunately, I have a snug house and a snug lab. The walk between the two might get a bit uncomfortable.


  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    Looks like it is coming this way next. It will be much warmer by the weekend. Just need to make it through the next couple days. I better bring some more firewood in.

  2. Mobius says

    -7 is the high!?! Oh, Jeez.

    Here in OK, it is a balmy 38F. But the humidity is 98%, so it feels much colder. Fortunately there is only a modest wind to drive down wind chill.

    Time to stay inside and drink coffee (or tea…or cocoa). Stay warm PZ.

    BTW, I can recall decades ago where the temp would drop below 0F a few times each year (in OK). Haven’t seen that in ages, but our senator Inhofe still thinks climate change is a hoax. (The Republican Party needs to cease to exist.)

  3. wzrd1 says

    It’s 45 here, feels like 42. Going down to 37, likely will feel like 28 – 30, given 100% rain and being on a minor mountaintop.
    Tomorrow it’ll be a chilly 51 degrees. There is something to be said for being in central Pennsylvania! :)

    The only thing that could temp me to live in PZ’s climate is at least 150k+ per year income, much of that would be spent in heating the house to comfortable temperatures of at least 80, with relatively high humidity, as well as a growth lamp for winter vegetation (for me, that is). ;)

  4. brightmoon says

    I remember when it would go down to below zero and stay there for a while in NYC. That line from Kim Carnes old hit Bette Davis Eyes , “ She’s pure as New York snow” . Well we haven’t seen snow this winter . It falls but by the next morning it’s gone and that’s only happened twice this year. The song refers to piles of snow that goes grey from air pollution and has garbage frozen into it . That’s how it used to look from being on the ground for weeks.

  5. laugengebaeck says

    If you can’t stand the winter any more, you can just send it my way. Winter around here (Southern Germany) has been a total failure so far with temperatures rarely dipping below 0° C and even in the Alps snow is rather scarce. Risking to sound old, but that used to be different.

  6. wzrd1 says

    @6, I’m in the state of Pennsylvania and remember back when kids could skate on ponds and lakes for a large part of winter. That no longer is true, as far too often, all there is is a skin of ice at most on ponds and forget seeing frozen lakes.
    But, the God-King, Emperor Trump has ordained that climate change is a Chinese hoax…

  7. etfb says

    I’m confused – is that -40° Fahrenheit or -40° Celsius?

    I don’t care about the other temperatures. They could be Kelvin for all I care. I just want to know about the minus forty!

  8. Bruce Fuentes says

    #8 interesting you should ask that question as you did because at -40 C and F meet. It looks to me like those temps are in C. I am a couple hundred miles NE of PZ so we sometimes get what they have 6-8 hours later.
    Currently, Morris is showing -7F which would match the -21C his post is showing. The -40 is wind chill anyway. No effect if you are inside. We don’t worry about cold up here in NW Wisconsin until -20F which is about -30C.

  9. Bruce Fuentes says

    #7 I grew up in NE Pennsylvania. There were many times we went skating or ice fishing. I remember ice fishing at the scout camp in the winter and there being 6-8″ of ice. Sad to hear lakes and ponds aren’t freezing. Around here people don’t feel safe without at least 12″ of ice on the lake. Then again we drive on the lakes around here in the winter. Not this year. Early heavy snow insulated the lakes and kept them from freezing consistently. Drive on the lakes at your own peril.

  10. springa73 says

    Hmm, guess I can’t complain about the relatively balmy 0 F we’re going to get where I live!

  11. wzrd1 says

    @10, I grew up in SE PA, now in south central PA, just outside of Harrisburg. The only real winter we’ve saw over the past handspan of years has been short, brutal cold fronts and only enough snow to use a broom on, rather than shovel.
    A year and spare change had a November storm give near blizzard conditions, but it petered out after a few inches. Snarled traffic something fierce, but that’s because PennDOT got caught snoozing.
    I suspect Mother Nature forgot to brief the union on the upcoming winter storm emergency… ;)

    The rest of the time, well, this part of the state is where, if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes, it’ll change.

  12. VolcanoMan says

    We’re feeling the same system up here in Winnipeg. It went from really close to freezing yesterday afternoon to -40 wind chills in the course of about 12 hours. And man, that wind…I could barely push open the door to let the dog out last night at around midnight – it was gusting to more than 60 kph. I’m just worried that the erratic jetstream settles into another Omega block…those things are just BRUTAL.

  13. robert79 says

    I was about to ask whether this was in Celsius or Fahrenheit, but then saw the -40 and realised it didn’t really matter…

    Brrrr…. that sounds cold…

    Me, I haven’t seen below freezings temps yet this winter, it’s all dark gray clouds with near freezing rain. Damn you global warming!

  14. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    PZ’s weather is reaching us here on the shores of Lake Michigan. We a minor amount of snow with falling temps this morning. Expect zeroish overnight. Then back to what is “normal” for this winter tomorrow.