1. wzrd1 says

    The right works incessantly and diligently to drain the swamp. Alas, their method is to pump an infinite amount of raw sewage into said swamp, while calling it draining.
    Regrettably, the predictable result ensues – a shitty swamp, which they happily wallow around in, while calling it “good governance”.

  2. hemidactylus says

    Loudness and thinkyness are different things, neither necessarily constrained by facts, nor entirely right wing.

  3. says

    California has a school bond issue on its March primary ballot. Opponents of public schools have been screaming that it “repeals” 1978’s infamous Proposition 13, which slashed local property taxes and basically made school districts wards of the state. Because proposition numbers are recycled every 10 years, it’s a coincidence that the school bond is also Proposition 13, which opponents are portraying as a sneaky ploy by evil politicians to fool voters into supporting it. I figure many of the shouters are the fooled ones, buying into the notion that a simple school bond is actually a sly repudiation of the previously enacted limits on property taxes. It’s nothing of the sort, but try telling that to the screamers, several of whom are active participants in the deliberate misinformation campaign. Damn.

  4. nomdeplume says

    The Right Wing also works by feigning outrage at the mildest attempt by the Democrats to fight back. The most recent example is the “outrage” over Pelosi’s very mild protest of tearing up an outrageous “state of the union” speech. The pile-on began immediately (and was added to with doctored videos) forgetting it seems the abuse that Trump and his cult followers have heaped on anyone they don’t like.