1. says

    This reminds me of every time I accidentally click on a tweet and get taken to a twitter page when I don’t have twitter. It’s like twitter reposts are lava and if you touch it you burn.

  2. stroppy says

    HA! Refreshing to see someone in government who has a fresh, nimble mind.

    In distantly related news, I see Cenk Uygur is now running for Congress. Good on him!

  3. unclefrogy says

    she seems to find it very easy to speak the truth.
    mr. Rubin does not seem to be a journalist after all, if he is he sure is a stupid one.
    uncle frogy

  4. says

    Rubin is trying to claim that he never claimed to be a journalist, that he is above such grubby labels because FAEK NWES, so that means AOC was in fact paying him a back-handed compliment and he’s so not owned ha ha whatever gave you that idea?

    Just slink off already and complete your transformation into a corncob somewhere else, dude.

  5. stwriley says

    I bow before AOC’s twitter prowess. That was truly an awesome burn.
    “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

  6. says

    @starskeptic #10: I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up president. Then again, I wouldn’t be that surprised if she ends up dead either. To some people women like her is the f*cking antichrist….

    To me it seems like most people turn conservative as they get old, I’m just getting more and more radical. I know I’m a fossil, the future belongs to AOC and her likes. And I like what I see, I think they’ll do better for themselves than my generation ever did.

  7. blf says

    This Dave Rubin loon didn’t ring any bells with me… a bit of searching shows they seem to be a fairly typical freeze peach wingnut; e.g., they recommend that absurd No Safe Spaces documentary. Their RationalWiki article is long, perhaps best summed-up by one of the last sections:

    See Also
    ● Sargon of Akkad [Carl Benjamin] — His (slightly crazier) British counterpart.
    ● Milo Yiannopoulos — His occasional partner-in-crime. Rubin […] was even featured in an episode of his webshow when he was still at Breitbart.
    ● Sam Harris — Rubin is a fan.

  8. says

    Oh, this is just pathetic. After AOC’s tweet, Rubin posted a picture of his steak dinner to prove how not-owned he was. Someone posted an image of a faked page of Google Image Search results with Rubin’s photo in (easy enough to do with the “Inspect Element” feature in the browser and editing the HTML), implying he used a stock photo. Once the image started going viral, the person took it down but Rubin is still sulking about it and threatening to get people fired. Also, from the above-linked article:

    For his defense, Rubin posted an after picture of his empty plate, which definitely isn’t the saddest thing ever.

    If only there were a word to describe overly-sensitive people, possibly related to the kind of precipitation observed in hibernal environments… 🤔

  9. lochaber says

    I’m in awe of her…
    I think she’s done and excellent job in all the hearings and such I’ve seen her involved in, she seems to be really excellent at taking potentially complex legal/political issues, and breaking it down in a manner that lay people can understand, and revealing the corruption and hypocrisy.

    And she just fucking handles trolls on twitter. It’s beautiful.

    I only hope that she is the first of a new wave of young, leftist, politicians.