An ancient saga from the lore of Usenet

Those were grim and savage days when we wrested humor from the epic tale of two dogs and an elk carcass. It’s not at all like the 21st century, when events are far more grisly, and we’ve all stopped laughing.

Except for #GreenShirtGuy. Maybe this is the tactic we should use more often — let’s all point and laugh and mock the Nazi wanna-bes.


  1. stwriley says

    Thank you for the Usenet thread link, PZ. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time.

  2. Artor says

    Sadly, the police in Portland are on the side of the Proud Boys, and conveniently never mentioned the gang with rifles they found setting up on a roof, until the police chief found mention of it in his paperwork months after the fact.

  3. wzrd1 says

    @1, I always did wonder about the origin of that meme!
    By that time, I had abandoned much use for many forums, especially specialized firearm model/vendor forums.
    So, this is an entertaining bit of history that I had wondered about the origin to, but not enough to research.

    I especially loved the early work, where he proved clueless with the MP5 (wanting a suppressor for an already suppressed firearm) and thinking an NIJ level IIA vest can stop, merely with a trauma plate, a .308 round (it can’t) and wanting to find a source for a plate to stop a .338 Lapua Magnum (that’s easy! Wear a tank).
    OK, not quite a tank, but close enough to require a motor vehicle of some sort to lug it all around.
    I do wonder why he didn’t want the H&K MP7 SMG instead, a much better round and weapon, being all new and all.
    Won’t even go into ninja being extinct long before the 20th century troubled humanity’s history.

    Yeah, mock it away. Feeding the trolls only encourages them to come back.
    Oddly, he and his supporter or so, if not sock, entirely failed to mention such a force’s primary weapon, their minds, which are obviously firing blanks.
    Divert, distract, discuss, not go in blazing with overpowered weapons and harming bystanders.
    But, what would I know? Only got sitting on the outrigger wing on a Little Bird many times in my early career.
    So, yeah, I used to ride the short helicopter to work. ;)
    Got poached back for a bit, decades later, then some thumb sucker came along and tagged me REF.
    R.E.F., Retired, Extremely Flatulent. ;)
    OK, to be honest and serious, for a change, I retired when I decided that it finally started to hurt way too much to put all of that equipment on and run around in it.