What is this “pride month” of which you speak?

Would it be OK if I called this an example of toxic masculinity, or will it hurt young men’s feelings?

Arrests have been made, at least.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of robbery and aggravated burglary on Saturday morning, Scotland Yard said.

Four other men between the ages of 15 and 18 have already been arrested on suspicion of robbery and aggravated grievous bodily harm and are being questioned separately.

We also get an example of why it’s called pride.

“I was and still am angry. It was scary, but this is not a novel situation,” said Chris. “I’m not scared about being visibly queer. If anything, you should do it more.

“A lot of people’s rights and basic safety are at risk. I want people to feel emboldened to stand up to the same people who feel emboldened by the rightwing populism that is, I feel, responsible for the escalation in hate crimes. I want people to take away from this that they should stand up for themselves and each other.”

Geymonat added: “The violence is not only because we are women which are dating each other. It’s also because we are women.”

Maybe somebody should explain this to Peter Boghossian.


  1. alixmo says

    I read about this in the Guardian. I am disgusted by those guys. The problem lies deep:

    What is wrong with the education of boys? What do they learn from their parents, from their peers, at kindergarten, at school? From the media? From the Internet?

    Misogyny or (as I like to call it) male-supremacy is a societal problem, that did not appear out of nowhere. People like Trump embolden nasty guys, yes. People like Trump aggravate the situation, yes. But they are not the root cause (well, in their family, as role models and parents, sure).

    Men’s rights activists are utterly wrong. Contrary to their bullshit, even “Western” society still promotes patriarchal thinking, still educates boys to be bullies, “macho”, sexists, entitled etc.

    If we want lasting change, education has to be top of the list. Early learning is the most effective.

  2. says

    Of course the replies to that tweet. “Why no descriptions of the attackers!?!?” because they’re 100% sure the attackers are Muslim immigrants and this is being hidden by the BBC and the police for nefarious reasons. And if the attackers were white, those people will suddenly cease caring about this violent attack.

  3. nomdeplume says

    #4 “we hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity” she said.

  4. Gregory Greenwood says

    What on Earth is wrong with these misogynistic, homophobic thugs? They seem to have missed the memo that it is 2019, apparently convinced that it is 1219 instead. There is simply no excuse for bigoted brutality like this.

    Could someone please stop the world? I want to get off.