1. leerudolph says

    Here in Massachusetts it’s illegal to transport wildlife (without, I assume, some appropriate license to do so). We frequently broke that law after trapping woodchuckgroundhog in our Hav-a-Hart, and sometimes we even broke (what I imagine to be) a similar Federal law forbidding transporting wildlife across state lines (we were living in a part of MA separated from the rest of MA by a bit of Rhode Island, at least if you want to travel by road, and so small that the groundhog would have had no trouble finding its way back to our garden). Occasionally I’d find a skunk in the trap instead of a groundhog. I’d very carefully lift the gate and then wait, usually an hour or more, until the skunk decided to leave the nice nest it had made for itself overnight and amble out of the trap.

  2. manymistakes says

    Busy Day.
    Took St Cloud elsewhere, caught tired.
    Set oldest son free, wife daughter drove
    back to groundhog.
    Maternal brunch a grandbaby celebration.
    Baby Universe.

  3. lochaber says

    Groundhogs can be kinda funny critters, I miss seeing them around.
    Although, they can cause a lot of problems when they are living too close to humans/human structures.

    Maybe relocating it isn’t great, but it’s better than just up and killing it.

  4. gijoel says

    @3 She’s being taught to store food for the hard winter ahead. Very sensible.

  5. says

    The groundhog has been burrowing under our house for a few days, and also tearing up what Mary is hoping to turn into a small garden. We used a live trap to relocate it before the situation gets worse.

  6. Sean Boyd says

    Wait, what, set it free?#!!%?

    Oh, the groundhog, not the baby.

    Carry on, then.

  7. blf says

    There are no images showing both the groundhog and the baby… it is entirely possibly there is a groundzebrababyspiderfishhog roaming the wilds of Morris… Approach with caution! Or simply Run Away!! Run Away!!!

  8. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out the @11 camera trap is operated by First Dog on the Moon. Neither they nor the clomping about monster have never gotten inside the MOON, which has quite extensive arrangements to contain the cheeses.

  9. says

    Scrolling I got the pic of your son and the baby with the title “Caught a groundhog” and thought “That’s not a nice thing to say about your son or your grandchild.”


    Relocating wildlife is not conducive to their continuing good health. Not recommended.

    Neither is “letting them burrow until the house collapses on their head”, but what do I know?

  10. magistramarla says

    Wow PZ! Iliana resembles you quite a lot! I’m sure that she will grow up to be much prettier, though.