What did these ribs do to deserve public shaming?

Go read these comments on a restaurant advertisement for ribs. They’re brutal. And there are so many of them, ripping savagely at these lovely beef ribs.

Then you learn…these are served by a Minneapolis comedy club that has booked Louis CK for 8 shows.

Goddamn ribs. They deserve it all.


  1. larpar says

    Just about every commenter there has more comedy writing skills than the ‘ribs’ that are being served.

  2. DrewN says

    Noone wants their ribs so they need to send them out to tables that didn’t order them.

  3. indianajones says

    I wonder whether, being a comedy club and all,they realise or care where most of the laughs and all of the mockery come from or at whose expense?

  4. liberalhysteria says

    I don’t know, Louis CK used to be funny. His leaked set sounds dark, bitter, and resentful though.