1. says

    That makes my skin crawl just reading it second-hand. A country club membership is a heritable trait? Who knew?

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    “I’m 18, I have green, eyes, a car, a country club membership, a yacht, 3 mansions, an eight-inch dick, my own private moon base…”

  3. microraptor says

    This sounds a lot too much like the kind of person who walks onto a school campus with a gun.

  4. raven says

    Also, he claims to be an art connoisseur of worth at 18?

    On the internet, no one knows you are a dog.
    Chances are absolutely nothing this troll wrote is true.
    He is more likely to be a 40 year old guy living in his mom’s basement.

    …maybe I could teach you the ways of an art connoisseur over dinner.

    Not likely.
    You are more likely to end up in a shallow, unmarked grave after meeting this guy.
    He definitely comes across as a very creepy,. dangerous Ted Bundy type.

  5. Buzz Parsec says

    Strewth @1: Yes! (Sometimes.) To get around various court decisions and laws (1964 Civil Rights Act, etc.), many country clubs enacted rules that make it almost impossible for people whose parents (implicitly “fathers”, of course) were not members to join. Chiefly targeted at people of African and Jewish ancestry, of course, but conveniently also keeping out Latin Americans, Asians, other Middle Easterners, and any future groups that they don’t know about yet, such as Martians and Belters, the policy cleverly allows for open-ended hate. So membership is heritable.

  6. blf says

    maybe I could teach you the ways of an art connoisseur over dinner.

    For certain definitions of a “connoisseur” — perhaps, such as, a spoiled brat with a sugar daddy — this isn’t impossible; nor is it for certain definitions of “art” — such as (and realising art appreciation is subjective), the works of Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™.

  7. says

    Was his posting that the “involuntary” part of “incel”? Because maybe what we have here js a failure to understand cause and effect.

  8. says

    Just throwing this out there – I remember being in a chat room once with someone who claimed to be the founder of Dell. I asked him a simple question. For someone who made a fortune in computers, he sure had problems figuring out how to open a second tab and search for Dell’s founder’s name.

  9. Robert Serrano says

    Who the Hell talks like that? I mean, even beyond the weird obsession with breasts (seriously “let the chest be your canvas?”), what’s with the whole thing with being “of breeding age?” It’s like Data from Star Trek got hooked into someone’s Pornhub account.

  10. dianne says

    I suppose it would be inappropriate to respond, “Yes, I would love to meat you! You sound as though you have any number of qualities that are highly attractive to a female ready to complete the mating ritual. I am a just turned 18 year old whose desirable mating qualities include luminous mammaries, voluminous hips, and skin that I definitely grew myself. I am very much looking forward to having your six foot frame for dinner!”

  11. bcwebb says

    With the right country club membership you only get a date with the President.

  12. batflipenthusiast says

    That just HAS to be satire/trolling. No way that guy is serious.

    Not that that would make his stupid joke/attempt to get a rise out of people any less annoying

  13. snuffcurry says

    A country club membership is a heritable trait?

    Being white is not a matter of chance, no.

    I’m stuck on the dark hair.

  14. voidhawk says

    I have huge lobes and a stack of gold-pressed latinum. This is very attractive to the feee-males.