I think I could use an evening of frogs

We’re in the midst of a blizzard, the UMM campus is closed, but the show must go on. An evening of frogs and films by Katie Garrett is still taking place tonight, so if you’re nearby, do try to make it. If you’re not nearby, you’d be crazy to travel in this weather, so don’t.

Frogs would be a denial of our current weather situation, so I think I’ll be going.


  1. curbyrdogma says

    I was hoping for a post that was relevant enough to mention this story, but the mainstream press has just now discovered it.* So let’s see how we can tie frogs in with it:
    A certain political cabal that uses a (stolen without the creator’s permission) cartoon frog as its mascot would probably not appreciate this revelation about our national symbol:

    *(The unfolding story has been documented by nest cam for months, and the videos can be seen on YouTube – search “bald eagle trio”)