What’s Alex Jones up to nowadays?

Since he’s been kicked off of most social media platforms, Alex Jones’ revenue has been drying up, and he’s getting desperate. He’s at the stage where he’s appearing on bottom-feeding podcasts trying appeal to his hardcore conspiracy theorist fans to get their approval, which means he’s battier than ever. Go here; it’s just a series of short clips from the Joe Rogan show (ewww), in which Jones feverishly declares that “they” have made fricken’ deals with interdimensional aliens and a post-human error has occurred and none of us are going to make it. He’s not looking particularly good, either.

Now I’m wondering what’s going to happen with another crazed, not-very-bright, delusional manipulator notices the walls closing in on him…only this guy has a button to our nuclear arsenal, and, presumably, direct access to the interdimensional aliens. If we’re lucky he’ll just go on the Joe Rogan show, where all the crackpots go for a little friendly stroking.


  1. raven says

    He’s not looking particularly good, either.

    Alex Jones has always looked physically unhealthy to me.

  2. Walter Solomon says

    Alex Jones has always looked physically unhealthy to me.

    Which is appropriate since he’s obviously mentally unhealthy as well.

  3. procyon says

    I believe he’s saying a “post human era” is coming. The era of inter-dimensional aliens, I presume.

  4. coragyps says

    This thread seems a bit slow, and it may be due to the likely answer to the title: does anyone give a red rat’s ass what Alex Jones is up to?