FtB has never had internet drama like this

You sometimes hear gloating accusations that the “Left is eating its own” or that liberals are addicted to drama or that right-wingers know how to coordinate their messaging. Next time you hear that, think of the behavior of alt-right wackaloons Ian Miles Cheong, Andy “Warski” Pires, Jean-François Gariépy, and a swarm of other racist goons. It’s got pro wrestling, Nazis, accusations of pedophilia, SWATting, and guys setting their own nipples on fire. They aren’t going after leftists, but each other. It’s all very amusing.


  1. says

    FtB has never had internet drama like this

    Clearly you have to up your game if you expect to win the War for Clicks™ (which, according to your enemies, is the only reason you post, right? 🙄). May I suggest you challenge Aron Ra to a cage match, the loser of which will have to set fire to his nipples?

  2. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    I’ve only heard of Ian Miles Cheong and that was years ago, with the whole Gamergate-nonsense. Can’t say I know any of his positions, but wasn’t he anti-Gamergate? Not that “enemy of my enemy is my friend” necessarily works in reality, but I wonder where he stands now. Kind of. Not really.

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    saganite @ 3:

    I believe you’re correct in that Cheong did start out on the anti-GG side but at some point flipped to a pro-GG/ alt-right position and has remained there ever since. Presumably it pays better, though writing a column called “Incel Corner” falls squarely into what Charlie Brooker once described as “wanking for coins” in my book.

  4. zenlike says

    You sometimes hear gloating accusations that the “Left is eating its own” or that liberals are addicted to drama

    Well, yeah, I’ve heard this. Of course, I’ve also heard the left lives in an echo chamber, and are just a bunch of NPCs walking in lock step, mindlessly repeating exactly the same messages.

    In other words, I don’t put too much stock in anything the right claims about “the left”.

  5. numerobis says

    It has to be noted that a Canadian SWATting is much more polite than the US affair. Also, “they have drugs!” isn’t going to get a search — it’s “they have guns” that will.

  6. =8)-DX says

    As @Cat Mara #7 said, @saganite #3,

    IMC used to have some ok-ish opinions, on GG and other things. Currently he’s known as twitter’s greatest self-owner, not just when comparing current tweets to older 180s, but also a pro in the masterpiece “self-own within one tweet”, with Paul Joseph Watson a close second.

  7. doubtthat says

    Reading that article and was very bored, then I encountered this paragraph:

    One of Pires’ primary targets was Michael Pilkington, a wrestler who broadcasted on YouTube under the moniker “Tonkasaw,” and once hosted a morning talk show called “Morning Kumite” that was popular with the Internet Bloodsports community. Last year, Pilkington received a community guideline strike on his YouTube channel that prevented him from livestreaming. Pires said that he offered to host Morning Kumite on his own channel, but eventually dropped the show, citing difficulties working with Pilkington. After the cancellation, Pires alleges that Pilkington falsely framed him as a pedophile. Pires said he “stayed up for days drinking Monster energy drinks” after Pilkington’s claims.

    That nearly made me spit up my drink. Holy shit, going from 0->60 REAL quick.

    Haha, what assholes.

  8. says

    doubtthat @ 11:

    Holy shit, going from 0->60 REAL quick.

    Maybe, but it’s par for the course for these delightful customers. Hell, they’d probably accuse each other of being pedophiles for cutting in front of them in the line at the all-you-can-eat buffet at the next Republican National Convention.

    ( Meanwhile, over at We Hunted The Mammoth, a former GamerGate darling has been arrested on charges of child abuse so down the memory hole she goes 🙄)

  9. doubtthat says

    but it’s par for the course for these delightful customers.

    You’re definitely right about that. No matter how much I’m exposed to these shits, it still amazes me.

  10. Muz says

    I’ve heard twitch streamer Destiny debate all of these clowns, sometimes at once. What a dire stew that was. There is a spectrum at work there though. Warski is, I think, a poser for money/clicks, shovelling whatever edgeware to the chanocracy that he can like Cheong, but not as good at it. JF Gariepy is more of your smug ‘advanced theorist’ of white supremacy type (sorry “cultural preservation through ethnostates”). Tonkasaw is possibly the stupidest person I’ve ever heard speak.
    It’s not really a surprise they couldn’t make this venture work, but they kinda deserve each other..

  11. Muz says

    Hard to say. Gohmert probably has handlers who will stop or drag him off stage before he argues for half an hour about whether a Mercedes and a Benz are the same thing and he probably doesn’t quote his height and weight at people to break an impass. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try though. At the same time we probably have to weigh whatever stupidity (evident or theoretical) against the relative civic damage someone can do on a daily basis. In which case Tonkasaw gets a pretty big bump for irrelevance.

  12. Nomad says

    Holy shit. THAT is who IMC is? I actually took him seriously when he launched an attack on some people I’m associated with. I mean yeah, I saw the warning signs when he advertised that he used to write for The Daily Caller, but still… The dude acting morally self righteous about other people and obsessing about porn put porn into someone else’s youtube thumbnails as an attack? I was already thinking that he sounded like someone that lived in a glass house.

    And he’s an INCEL! Well that explains his prurient obsession with other people’s sex lives.