Something is supposed to happen today?

I haven’t been paying any attention at all to QAnon. Apparently Something Big was predicted for today, 5 December, and Colin McRoberts Jennifer Raff is confident it won’t happen, because Q is a fraud.

This time, if you weren’t already aware, Q and his most dedicated followers have been predicting Big Things for December 5. Exactly what Big Things depends on what and how much you read between the lines of his choppy little nuggets; Q mostly stopped making specific predictions after a series of embarrassing failures. He learned the lesson of horoscope writers and started making vague, open-ended predictions, so that no matter what happens he can always go back and claim to have predicted it. But people wouldn’t pay attention to Q if he didn’t promise apocalyptic drama, so whatever you think he’s predicting, it’s supposed to be a big deal.

Ah, but what does he know? The Q insiders are well aware that the prediction is actually about the size of the President’s bowel movement, and everyone will be dazzled with the insight when he tweets, “Made a big poopy. The biggest!” later today.

Read the rest of his post for the well-known information about the mechanics of conspiracy theories and prophecies, and how to recover from the delusions. Also, that is the most awesome photoshopped illustration of how right-wing conspiracy mongers think of themselves and their enemies.


  1. Ragutis says

    PZ Myers

    5 December 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Isn’t the funeral over now? Did someone miss their cue?

    It’s over. It was a nice ceremony (though I clicked over to a show about veterinarians during the religious bits) and everyone seemed to (“enjoy it” doesn’t seem fitting) be in the moment. Laughed at the right bits of the eulogies, were solemn and engaged during the rest, except for (c’mon… guess…) Trump, who spent pretty much the whole damn time scowling with his arms crossed. A highlight moment for me was as the Trumps arrived and greeted the Obamas. The look on Michelle’s face as she shook Trump’s hand. I’ve never seen such a forced smile, followed immediately by a look that telegraphed just how hard it was for her to maintain composure and not wipe her hand on her dress or reach for the Purell in her purse. (an aside: Chris Matthews kept going on about how much he thinks Hillary and Jimmy Carter appear to hate each other by the way they were sitting. I guess he dozed off for the 10 minutes the cameras kept showing the two of them talking. He’s had a good run, but he needs to be put out to pasture. He goes off on a tangent or interrupts his guests (especially women) more often than Scarborough, which is a fucking achievement) (another aside: How the hell does Dick Cheney look younger and healthier than he ever did as VP? There may be no gods, but I think we may have to examine black magic a bit more carefully)

    Anyway, it was nice. W’s eulogy was touching. Almost made me forget how much I dislike him or his father. But still, tugged on the heartstrings. My condolences to the family. We out here in internetland see 41 through a different filter than they. To them, above or in spite of all else, GHWB was a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, whatever. Family. I can’t think of a single Bush I like or respect, but I can sympathize with losing someone so close.

    Yeah, so, watched it. Didn’t see Seal Team Six or SWAT, or Batman swoop in to corral the Deep State traitors. I guess they did miss their cue. Or the prediction was off by 85 years. Now that’s a “Big Event”

  2. says

    Aah, but, consider the Power of Prayer. Some old guys prophesied terrible events, some other old guys prayed for no terrible events. See, the Power of Prayer wins again!

  3. hemidactylus says

    Something huge happened. Dubya handed Michelle Obama a piece of candy:

    Say what you want about Dubya but it’s a cute gesture in an aw shucks kinda way. Barack and Michelle are smiling. Trump is aiming an angry cheeto scowl toward Hillary who is aloof, much as she was toward states she took for granted in 2016. Bill is creepily staring from behind toward Michelle.

    I think the candy thing is a signal to our Nibiru dwelling overlords that they need to beam up Papa Bush to Reptoid heaven as they did McCain after the “funeral”.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    You did not notice it, but all VIPs present were infected with alien nanotech that will gradually take over their brains.
    Also, in their caverns underneath the upper crust, the evil alien spirits the scientology church fears successfully tested their doomsday weapon.

  5. komarov says

    Maybe they accidentally predicted the completion of a secret step in their I-forget-how-many-dimensional plans. Of course that’s going to look silly because even when said prediction is spot on – and we all know how project timetables are infallible – nobody will know.

    Still, I’m sure we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that stage n of the Great Plan has been completed. Moving on to stage n+1. Can’t wait to see the endgame, stage x. Literally, since I have no idea how long this nonsense will go on for.