1. kalilchernov says

    “I’m not going to forgive you if you don’t vote today, though.”
    Not even if I voted last week?

  2. Ed Seedhouse says

    I voted yesterday, and I’m Canadian, eh?

    Here in B.C. we are having a forum to decide if we move to a proportional voting system for Provincial elections. I voted for it.

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I voted as soon as Early Voting began in this state [mass-a-chew-it :-) ], 2 wks ago, and confident it will be counted today. (… or else!)

  4. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    I would vote, but for some reason they don’t let foreigners vote. Considering the US influences the entire world and Trump in particular messes up internationally so much, I think I should have a right to vote, too!

  5. chris says

    All three of my kids voted. They are between 24 and 30 years old. Even the one in New York state, where they had to register as a new resident, and then slog in the rain to get to the polls because that state only allows voting on voting day. No early voting, and no mail in voting like we have across the country in King County, Washington.

  6. weylguy says

    My wife and I voted, much along the political lines of Myers, by ballot several week ago. I hope to God others voted the same way, although I have already lost all faith in this stupid country. If Trump and his minions are not defeated, we are indeed completely lost as a democracy.

  7. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    They obviously do not live near enough to Chicago…

    I remember that as the graveyard vote, not the infant/toddler vote.

  8. Raucous Indignation says

    Yes. I voted at the crack ass of dawn. The polls were already busy in my sleepy little ‘burb.

  9. Sean Boyd says

    My ballot was filled out and returned on the first day they could be accepted.

    I’m sorry, PZ, to have let you down by not voting today instead.

  10. octopod says

    My little bro registered this year specifically so he could vote against Ted Cruz. Let’s hope it worked.

  11. whheydt says

    My wife and I voted today.

    California has an interesting practice now. The state allows teens to “register to vote” before they are 18 and the the registration becomes effective as soon as they turn 18. This is most commonly done when they first take out a driving instruction permit.

    (And–FYI–I didn’t vote the first time until I was 21…the amendment to set the voting age at 18 took effect when I was…22.)

  12. says

    @Nerd of Redhead:

    Considering the number of electioneering flyers they started getting when they were six and three respectively, my kids were definitely registered to vote in Chicago… without even any parental assistance.

  13. magistramarla says

    Voted on the first day of early voting. We’re now drinking “Better Bet on Beto” drinks and keeping our fingers crossed.

  14. specialffrog says

    I’m in the US today as it turns out but I think Canadians are not supposed to vote.

  15. hemidactylus says

    Well CNN’s current map of Representatives has Minnesota in the red and the very tip of Florida blue. Florida looks to be putting Voldemort in Senate and Gillum is just short of being Gov.

    Romney Utah Senator? Would he stand up to Trump?

  16. hemidactylus says

    I am kinda regretting not having mass quantities of liquor available. Voldemort is putting Florida toward Dumpster furor in Senate.

  17. hemidactylus says

    So much for the Senate. Impeachment will be of no real consequence. Put a fork in it. Everclear!!!!

    The House could become an obnoxious thorn at least.

  18. hemidactylus says

    Given the House takeover projected by CNN can we confidently say to Trump “Winter is coming!”? I f’in hope so.

  19. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Given the House takeover projected by CNN can we confidently say to Trump “Winter is coming!”? I f’in hope so.

    Maybe a California-style Half-Assed-Fall-Spring-Thing is coming.

  20. Matrim says

    I’m a bit sad that King didn’t get ousted from Iowa’s 4th district, but the fact that he only won by 3% is heartening given his last two elections he won by over 22 points. Considering how bright red that district is (they haven’t elected a Democrat in 26 years) that’s saying something. And I’m significantly bummed that Reynolds won, but we flipped the 1st and the 3rd districts, so that’s good.

  21. methuseus says

    Florida’s preliminary results are really bad. I have to ferry the kids around so can’t really drink. I’ll just have to ignore it for as long as I can. I really don’t understand how Florida voters need Medicaid expansion among other things and vote against themselves time and time again.
    Gillum isn’t perfect, but he’s better than DeSantis even with the FBI investigation; same goes for Nelson (barely a D) against Scott.
    I’d jokingly say to try your hand at voting, but some stupid people would accuse me of fomenting voter fraud (however you’d say that). I would love to prevent certain people from voting, but that wouldn’t be democratic. I don’t know why people vote against themselves all the time.

  22. Oggie. says

    Last July 1st, Boy got married.

    Over the past few weeks, my DiL (his wife) has been having some stomach issues. When I was cooking bacon for the last BLTs of the season, she ran upstairs and vomited. Wife immediately asked Boy if she was pregnant. He said he didn’t think so.

    On Sunday, they bought the little stick.

    It came up with a “+” sign.

    I’m going to be a grandfather.

    I’m too young to be a grandfather.

    Only old people (like you, PZed) are grand fathers.

    Oh, well. I have until May or June to get used to the idea.