337 dead whales in Chile

This is more like it. This is how I like to start my mornings: a time-lapse movie of rotting whales in Patagonia. And now you can watch, too.

It’s tragic, but it’s also scientifically interesting. These events have major effects on the local ecology.


  1. davidnangle says

    They’re preparing a welcoming committee in oblivion for humans. They didn’t think things out very well, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

  2. davidc1 says

    If you like that sort of thing ,you should watch a film by Peter Greenaway ,”A Zed And Two Noughts ” ,full of time lapse films of rotting beasties .

  3. John Morales says

    Miserable Git Says:

    The National Geographic messed up, this really needed a Michael Nyman soundtrack to grab the attention.

    You mean, to distract the attention.

    (People like you spoil the watching experience for people like me)

    And, more to the point, if you want to listen to music while watching a documentary, you’re perfectly free to do so; as you noted, you are fully free to play background music while watching actual informative stuff.

    (Me, I can’t disable the [expletives deleted] musical tracks in documentaries or movies, so I either grit my teeth and put up with them, or just don’t bother watching; these days, often the latter)

    PS Good monicker, most apposite here.

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    John @5: I’m guessing you’re one of those weird people who don’t like The Third Man ;-)

    For many of us, music can add an amazing depth, a whole new dimension, to a movie, if properly chosen. Can’t imagine watching Koyaanisqatsi without the music…

  5. John Morales says

    Rob, for movies, and subject to your three criteria being met (for, can, if) I can’t dispute you.
    Fair enough.
    Properly used, it’s fine. (Also, I haven’t seen that movie, but with due clicking I find I do know the tune)

    For documentaries, what possible purpose is there for it, other than distraction?

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    John @8:

    For documentaries, what possible purpose is there for it, other than distraction?