1. Chris Capoccia says

    The top left panel is apparently pretty close to reality
    Top right panel probably wants to pick on Ted Nugent instead of Kid Rock. Confederate flag was quietly dropped at his show years ago Even in his recent Po-Dunk video, you have to look real hard for the lone confederate flag among dozens of american flags and a variety of skin colors
    But the general point is fair. Institutional racism. Whites get a pass

  2. hemidactylus says

    For Numetal Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit didn’t age well. Well for the latter Nookie has intense music but awkward lyrics. Korn is still ok right? P.O.D. even with subtle religious undertones?

    Eminem has some weird white dude feud with “Machine Gun Kelly”. WTF and why should we care? I guess “The Way I am” hit an appropriate post-Columbine nerve.

    To me the best crossover hiphop has been the socially aloof nerdish electro stuff that connects Miami and Detroit to its electronic experimental roots in Germany and Japan (and disco). Chicago developed house before it became glowstick/clovesmoking rave.

    Ironically Dr. Dre was a pioneer when LA was in the breakbeat game. Egyptian Lover didn’t age well in that genre. Nor 2Live. Ughh! Oh the 80s! Your hairdos, acid wash, and exploitative lyrics 👎🏽

  3. hemidactylus says

    While on the topic of crossover I would be remiss if I failed to mention Ice T. He sampled metal and had a heavy metal-punk band called Body Count with a banned song that hit an appropriate nerve, especially given recent history of BLM and the Kaepernick inspired NFL anthem stuff. I fckn’ own that CD. Ironically Ice T plays cops as an actor. I remember Rodney. And NWA’s F the Police. And this:

    Still resonates. Ironically Ice Cube is now an accomplished actor.

  4. woozy says

    I actually had a hard time understanding this…. probably because I live in a bubble.

    The second and third panel make it clear they are satirizing the complaint of the black-youth-thug-gangsterlifestyle complaints. But the first panel is exactly what the racism-deniers/gun fondles do state is the cause racism killings and school shootings– they blame it on single mothers and characterize them as anti-christian and ignore the racism and gunfondling. There is no irony or turning the table in that panel at all.

    And the fourth panel. I guess the joke is supposed to be that pride t-shirts are considered political and statements whereas confederate shirts a ubiquitous and unnoticed so there is supposed to be ironic table turning. But… well, west coast bubble.

  5. hemidactylus says

    I am one of the few who will give Creed their just props as a band. But their singer shared a thing with Kid Rock that kinda tarnishes that even if I disagree with the negative opinion of them musically as a band. Florida and the rest of the Southeast gad a thing going. Remember Sevendust? Stapp was not a Vedder ripoff. He was a tailspin though unfortunately. Sad.