1. nobonobo says

    As many articles as I’ve read about amazing abilities and novel physiology, I still know little. A good book, please. Suggestions?

  2. anxionnat says

    A book would be good. My field isn’t invertebrates, but I read as much as I can, now that I’m retired. Thank you for the gorgeous photos. The thing about biology that I love the most is the sheer variety. I once said to my students (this was back in the Dark Ages as a grad student) that anybody wanting to film a sci-fi film could do worse than take their model from the incredible life surrounding us. Our pale blue dot (as Carl Sagan put it) is amazing. Now that I don’t have to go around with the hurly-burly of a job, I can do what I want–and that’s reading, going to museums, and the like. BTW–the spider photos are great! Thank you!