The martyrdom of the most privileged people in America

The contradictions have become obvious. The people who howl most about “identity politics” are the ones most dedicated to propping up the privileges of white male identity. The ones screaming about “free speech” get all the press and are determined to silence those awful SJWs. And the ones who sneer at thin-skinned lefties are the most delicate little flowers.


  1. canuckamuck says

    [Helen Lovejoy]

    Won’t somebody please think of the straight, white men!

    [/Helen Lovejoy]

  2. says

    This morning I was sort of noodling around the problem if the “inpoor” – you know, the “involuntarily poor.” It’s a mixture of not their fault, and their own choices. Wait, what? What do you mean nobody cares about them? If there are some people who are concerned with redistributing sex doesn’t it make as much sense to redistribute money? Are incels sexual socialists, or are they communists?

  3. cartomancer says

    Marcus, #2,

    They certainly seem to have developed a system whereby the means of sexual production is shared in common. Well, a circle-jerk at any rate…

  4. Usernames! 🦑 says


    Give all members of the Butthurt-Nazi Brigade a free one-way ticket to Alabama. There they will receive a free house and car (a tan 2012 Toyota Camry).

    We will then wall off the entire state and rename it “The Sovereign Nation of Galt’s Gulch”. Anyone presently living in Alabama will have the opportunity to evacuate during a 60 day-long détente. Government assistance will be available for transportation/housing and job placement.

    The Residents of the Gulch will no longer be US Citizens, and are thus free to abolish their local government or ramp it up to tyranny/dictatorship as far as they wish. If they don’t want to pay fees to live in a civilized society taxes, that is their right. Anyone attempting to leave GG will be required to apply for citizenship (5-10 years waiting list for residents of sh*hole countries).

  5. Saad says

    When one side’s complaints are about sexual assault and police violence and you find yourself whining about video game critiques and black people being cast in famous movies, it’s not hard to see who the thin-skinned one is.

  6. gijoel says

    @4 It won’t work. The first thing they’ll do is build a giant megaphone so that they can yell at us over the wall.