Who’s as ready as I am for a weekend of Secular Social Justice?

I hope I make it to Secular Social Justice 2018 this weekend. I’m eager, but now there’s a forecast of snow for tomorrow, just when I have to drive across the state to the airport, so there are grounds for mild concern. Hoping the roads are clear and the runways are fine.

I also whipped up a few Agents of Chaos buttons to hand out to interested fellow members of the Outrage Brigade once I get there. Quantity is limited, first come first served.

Remember, if you’re interested in meeting up on Friday evening, you should let Heatherly know.


  1. says

    I was going to go, but as you know, something bad happened Tuesday and I really need to take care of my body and mind right now. I do hope to catch the livestream, though.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @1 Reginald Selkirk

    Sounds like a silly question until youreally watch Ted Cruz. It is about then that I start thinking David Icke is not completely mad.

  3. imback says

    Had a nice time at the Capital City Brewing meetup tonight. Looking forward to Secular Social Justice tomorrow.