1. cvoinescu says

    That is very, very cool. Thank you. I love how happily and excitedly he grins when he talks about the cool stuff he’s done.

    One tiny complaint: he mixes up the cones and the rods at one point.

  2. patricklinnen says

    I bought two copies of “Evolution’s Witness: How Eyes Evolved”. The first was on your recommendation. (I picked up the textbook on Evolution you recommended as well. Both were worth it.) I bought the second copy because my nieces swiped the copy I left at my parents’ house. My fault. I shoulda checked if they wanted their own copy.

  3. rajid says

    Of course, he left out the part where he places the wires on top of the light sensors, then compensates by randomly moving the whole sensor array in small movements, finally editing out the lines via software to produce the final image. But you know that part. The octopus eye, however, is designed correctly and doesn’t have this problem. God liked them more. :)

    Here’s a neat demo of what’s happening.