1. Ogvorbis: Swimming without a parachute. says

    When I first looked at the photo, I didn’t see the SB logo. I thought you were lamenting the destruction of clean drinking water by a combination of resource extraction activities, industrial processes, and plastics contamination.

    And part of me is thinking, wow, that was so long ago.

  2. weylguy says

    In addition to the loss of SB, the graduations on the glass mug also remind me that Americans have no idea what an “ml” is anymore.

  3. René says

    I was in a hefty discussion with a “natural food” friend. “Bio” food, that kind of thing. Orac unfortunately has nothing on the subject, nor does freethoughtblogs. Anybody around here with a link, debunking the food fetishes that abound? Or the “food superstitions” someone here mentioned two years ago? (Thanks for the phrase, and sorry for not properly quoting, I’m tired, and will try to find it again tomorrow. Cheerio.)

  4. Peter B says

    I first thought of antimony. But the b should not have been raised. My chem degree in
    ’65 still lingers….

  5. jeffreyknapp62 says

    That is really sad to hear Sb has shut down. I started reading you guys back in beta testing. I was looking for daily news on the Dover v Kitzmiller trial and came across Sb when it was in its public beta. I am very sad to see them shut down. Here’s hoping they all find new virtual homes.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    The beer glass reminds me: it is theoretically possible to GM the yeast so low-alcohol beer will not get the nasty worty taste that normally is masked by alcohol. Future generations of students can be saved from hangover.
    — — — — — —
    PZ, you are going to live long and experience many more blog turnovers!

    “Genetic mutation in extended Amish family in Indiana protects against aging and increases longevity (Update)
    Small, isolated communities are a blessing for “genetic prospecting”. -When the drug that mimics the effects of that gene clears the testing hurldles , I want you to get your not-yet wrinkled ass over there and get medicated. And that goes for the rest of you, too :-)
    (makes Vulcan “live long and prosper” sign)

  7. ericjuve says

    Thank you for reminding me, I think I’ll go fill it with some fresh coffee and reminisce about better times.

  8. blf says

    The Angry Chef blog — “exposing lies, pretentions and stupidity in the world of food” — is a good read.

    So is Harold McGee — the Curious Cook — perhaps best known for his book “On Food & Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen”. The book is pretty much a must-have for anyone interested in the science of, well, food & cooking, albeit it isn’t about the pseudoscience woo-woo.