1. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin says that isn’t a squid larva but a barb from a St Agur stone, the slingshot-fired projectile used to stun a wild St Agur cheese. The barbs were not poisoned, or particularly sharp, the purpose was to keep the stone attached to the cheese until the hunter could net it. St Agur’s cheeses, whilst very fast runners, cannot carry a load, so the attached stone kept the cheese from wandering off by basically weighing it down. The cheeses had to be shot from a distance, otherwise, being quite vicious, would charge at speed and very painfully bite.

    Nailed down to shelves in the caves, slowly dried and then killed, defanged, and pressed, the result is quite tasty. The cheese, that is. The barbed stones are generally not eaten.

    The barbs can be made from many things, albeit the traditional material are the fangs of earlier St Agur’s cheese vintages. That practice is now quite rare, as gluing the fangs to the stone is very tiresome & fiddly work. Modern barbed stones are frequently lightly-polished shavings from metal-working lathes, albeit still with the traditional snail-slime coating.

  2. Rich Woods says

    @microraptor #1:

    I’d guess Architeuthis. That or the kraken, the first of many sent by Cthulhu to prepare the realms of humanity for the final Great Awakening.

  3. emergence says

    Rich Woods @5

    At this point, I’d welcome Cthulhu. Do I get my own tentacles if I swear loyalty to him?

  4. blf says

    Do I get my own tentacles if I swear loyalty to [Cthulhu]?

    I believe some The Elder Ones do enmesh you in their tentacles before biting you half,† so yes, I suppose, in a sense you do get some tentacles for a few seconds.

      † Contrary to popular urban legend, they don’t rip you in half first. Well, most of them don’t. Not usually, anyways.