1. Alex the Pretty Good says

    Wow! That’s amazing! A true beauty.
    And here I only have boring old belemnites in my collection.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    What’s this? What’s this?
    A fossil of a squid!
    What’s this?
    Beneath the ground was hid!

  3. Tethys says

    Fantastic fossil with soft tissue preservation. In answer to Callinectes question; There are only three groups of cephalopods. Squid (ten arms) Octopus (self-explanatory) and Nautiloids, with their ancestral external chambered shell. (argonauts are especially interesting) Many squid species have an internal bony structure called a gladius or cuttlebone. It is frequently the only part that fossilizes. Octopus lack any internal bones, though their beak is chitinous.