Anita Sarkeesian responds to the garbage humans

She has a fine statement on their fundamental dishonesty.

Now, he and his followers are acting as if me publicly calling him a “garbage human” is the equivalent to what he has done to me. In truth, he and his followers cannot begin to imagine what it is to have to constantly beg for and fight for your basic humanity in a culture that fundamentally refuses to acknowledge it. He cannot imagine what it is to spend years and years being the target of floods of harassment and hate, and then to still go out there and keep fighting. The companion of his who made that apology video I referenced earlier also tweeted that women are “powerful” enough to “deal with things like workplace harassment to rape.” As if power is in accepting a culture in which women are second-class citizens, in which misogyny and workplace harassment and rape are the norm. Fuck that. I’ll never settle for that. You’re damn right I’m powerful. After everything I’ve been put through by Carl and other men just like him, I’m still powerful enough to go out there and try to change it.

Just the fact that they’re trying to conceal their history and pretend to moral equivalence tells you that they’re a gang of smug goons.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Just the fact that they’re trying to conceal their history and pretend to moral equivalence tells you that they’re a gang of smug goons.


  2. John Morales says

    Based on the piece, I don’t see how they’re supposedly trying to conceal their history*, but the pretence to moral equivalence is indisputable.

    * They’re ignoring and/or denying it.

  3. Hairhead, Still Learning at 59 says

    BTW, I must applaud the new epithet “garbage humans”. I’ve been saying things like, “goddamned motherfucking shit-for-brains assholes”, “slimy skunk-assed shitweasels”, “cowardly snivelling sexually-dysfunctional rat-bastards.” All fine insults, but “garbage human” is so much more concise, and conveyed exactly the meaning required, and additionally can be posted on moderately forums and in newspapers.

    “Garbage humans”. That’s staying in the lexicon.

  4. says

    Just the fact that they’re trying to conceal their history and pretend to moral equivalence tells you that they’re a gang of smug goons.

    Stupid, too. Because that argument amounts to:
    “That thing you just did to me, that we’ve been doing to you for years – it’s horrible!”

  5. gijoel says

    I have a friend who drops in and out of my life. The last time I saw him he said he’d been watching watching MRA videos, and Carl of Swindon’s in particular. I’d like to argue with him, to show just how vile these shits are. But I really hate arguing with people and feel it’ll be useless in this case in particular. I’ve never found him to be an unreasonable person, but I find that people who are attracted to the Alt-right spectrum aren’t the type to admit fault.

    And now with the recent US supreme court ruling on Trump Ban 3.0 I’m feeling too angry for today. Hope everyone else is having a better day.

  6. Dunc says

    They’re at best cargo cultists – they seem to believe that merely aping the forms of struggles for justice and equality (basically, by chanting the right magic words) is enough to mean that they actually are struggling for justice and equality. Of course, it’s also quite possible that they don’t actually believe any such thing, and are merely disingenuous shitheads…

  7. HawkAtreides says


    Considering that these guys are tied to GamerGate, which doxxed and harassed people and then cried foul when someone dared muse about turning the tables (there were literally cries of “SJWs have blood on their hands” when someone satirically brought up the possibility), I’m gonna go with “disingenuous shitheads”.

  8. says

    @gioel #5: I know the feeling. I recently got included in a mail discussion about races/ethnic groups and intelligence, and I almost blew a gasket. I know I can pick the arguments apart with a little bit of googling, but I have better things to spend my energy on. I simply told the person that next time I hear this shit he’s going in the kill filter, and not just for e-mails.

    As for Sarkeesian I feel she’s too generous. Garbage humans doesn’t even start to cover these assholes, they’re the human equivalent of an outhouse.

  9. secondtofirstworld says

    @Dunc #6:

    It is fairly easy to differentiate the actual social activist from the Cipollas of the world. If they’d genuinely represent the rights of men in cases of impending injustice, we’d hear about them rallying against several Christian churches to stop lobbying for the opposition of acts, that protect victims of sexual abuse, which in this particular case, mostly boys.

    They make a lot of hot air about the supposed equality between genders on every level, yet they never seem to make the argument, that if that’s true, why isn’t spousal support making women more richer?

    Just for certainty, Sargon’s fans didn’t even need to identify themselves, they were the ones with the mental gymnastics proving that there was nothing wrong with what they were doing, despite the fact, that other than being a content creator, he holds no qualifications to engage anyone in a professional manner.

  10. anchor says

    “Just the fact that they’re trying to conceal their history and pretend to moral equivalence tells you that they’re a gang of smug goons”

    They belong to that general category I call “assholes”.

  11. Saad says

    But is it a good idea to call them deplorables garbage humans? Won’t they then start being mean to women?

    If this leads to sexist attacks against Sarkeesian and other women, it’ll then be her fault!

  12. feministhomemaker says

    It’s probably just economic anxiety we have been refusing to listen to all these years and we just need BS to lead us into economic justice by ignoring all of this identity politics wrongly used to resist these poor guys’ misdirected feelings.

  13. Saad says

    erik333, #14

    This sounds like a call to violence to me. Stop this dehumanising bullshit.


    Stop white knighting, bro

  14. says

    Outside of the overt conscious bigots who know they are only in it for winning what they see as a conflict I’m still going with incompetents incapable of identifying and/or articulating what is bothering them. It’s all surface impressions and characterizations of things and not descriptions of the things themselves. They are individually weak and pathetic. If it were not for the damage they are doing they would only be deserving of pity and help to work through their uncontrolled emotions.

    So you can point out the dehumanization and call to violence then? No?


  15. DanDare says

    My only problem with the phrase garbage humans is that name calling is too easy to use by everyone and detracts from the substantive discussion.
    It works for a moment to get people’s attention but it should be followed up by some sound deliberation on the actual issue.
    I’m glad that is what Anita did.