1. Siobhan says

    Note the doubling down by Trumpistas in the comments.

    No matter how egregious the Republicans are, their base will continue to chant their rationalizations, spoonfed to them by corporate media. “Everything is anti-Trump!” they cry, perhaps not understanding that this is not some vast conspiracy but just the effect of enough people paying attention to the logical conclusion of Republican nihilism.

  2. rietpluim says

    Of course everything is anti-Trump. Everything is anti-theft, anti-murder, and anti-rape as well.

    Well, almost everything. The Republican Party in general is not.

  3. tacitus says

    The single most amazing thing about Trump supporters is their continued ability to believe that Trump is executing his genius plan to bamboozle the press and infuriate liberals to perfection.

    Of course, then they all say they wish that Trump would go further and lock them all up and try them for treason, arguing that he’s been way too soft on them so far.