The Great American Satan, and Death to Squirrels, live!

We did a “meet the bloggers” hangout tonight, so if you’ve wondered what Great American Satan and Iris Vander Pluym are like in conversation, now you can find out!


  1. rhebel says

    Not understanding why these individuals were invited to FTb but I was not. I am a science educator in f-ing Wisconsin who is a teacher union president, active community member, pro feminist / evolutionist / etc. etc. who tried to be part of the community of FTB when you were recruiting bloggers. This is blatther compared to my everyday experience.

  2. says

    I can tell you why: your application was even shorter than that comment, and provided no examples at all of writing experience, and basically did not pay any attention to the instructions for requested information.

  3. rhebel says

    Well then what I thought I submitted was not what I did. My apologies. I fight through this hellhole that WI has become and will continue on my end. Best wishes to all the rest of our culturaral warriors. Signing off. Rhe-bel

  4. says

    But PZ! rhebel is quite clearly a superior writer and human being to all the substandard blatherers here, he deserves aaaaaall the cookies. Also: a blog at FtB. Even though he can’t be bothered to follow the simple application guidelines, HE IS THAT SUPERIOR OBVIOUSLY.

    And yeah, I am 99.99% sure he’s a d00d. My Entitlement Meter™ is pegging the high end of comic buffoon—an achievement no woman or minority has ever attained since I bought the damn thing back in the late 90s. See? Superior!

  5. says

    Your application was one line long. No links to any other writing.

    You’re welcome to try again, but we really need evidence of some kind of track record in blogging.

  6. rhebel says

    Iris was right. I have given my life to fighting for equality and the representation of all. I have fought for the rights of LGBTQ and the scientific community for the last 30 years. Apparently, what I thought I submitted to FTB was not what was received. My initial submission was how much I would like to be a member of the community, but that my responsibilities at the time precluded that potential. I am now releasing myself of those additional responsibilities and will have time to blog, but am now questioning whether or not I am up to that challenge.

  7. rhebel says

    PZ, I want you to understand that I admire what you do/post. I truly believed that I had submitted a far more thoughtful and thorough follow up. I apologize if that was not the case. I wallow in the quagmire that Wisconsin has become and look forward to my eventual retirement and leaving of this state. Please accept my sincerity upon this matter and understand that I will always work to uphold the rights of the disenfranchised and underrepresented among my students and community.

  8. says

    Great American Satan: You were charming and fun. So was PZ (as always). I had a great time. But rhebel haz disappoint! :o So he decided to use this space to belittle us and complain bitterly that we are undeserving of our blogs here compared to his majesty, when he submitted a one-line application with no writing samples.

    Believe me, this is not about us; it is 100% about him. If you need additional evidence of that, note that rather than respond here—or godsforbid own how insulting and ridiculously entitled his first comment on this thread was and maybe, you know, apologize?—he left no less than eight additional comments on my most recent post. And now he’s asking me to delete all of our correspondence. It’s just too painful for him, you see, that nobody threw him a fucking parade after he took a dump on the rug. LOL.

  9. rhebel says

    And…this is why people keep leaving FTB. My last time here, tried to get a bit of humanity. Not big on self or ego, even just got a note from a retiring colleague how big a heart Ihave and how she doesn’t know how I juggle all of the volunteerism I and my family do with our other responsibilities. I thought I enjoyed my time here, really did think I had sent a more thorough follow up. I know I lived in the shadows over the years–just my social anxiety. Tried to express my humanity through our struggles with our son, not gaslighting. I will keep being who I am, fighting for the little guy, but send to you my serious regrets about my posts over the last 24 hours. Sincerely, Rhe-bel (and( I got that nickname because I did what was right rather than drinking and smoking pot like my teammates)

  10. says

    “All I did was talk about how much better I am then you, why are you being so meeean to me, when I am such a great person?”