1. davidnangle says

    Fourth video seized by the government, to preclude a panic…

    Octopus pulls out its new wrist watch and wedding band to admire them, and extract the knowledge indicated by their manufacture.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    No explanation at the link – how did they manage to get that 8-footer into the jar?

  3. Wild old caveman, now less rancid says

    the Martians took 19 hours to unscrew their cylinders in “the war of the worlds” they should have brought an octopus with them

  4. Rich Woods says

    @caveman #7:

    Be fair. The Martians had to wait until the cylinder had cooled down enough before applying their tentacles. It’s not their fault they hadn’t yet invented Space Shuttle tiles.

  5. The Mellow Monkey says

    WMDKitty: …so you’re saying the octopus saw it fits, so it sits?

  6. blf says

    Just like ships-in-a-bottle, the octopus-in-a-bottle was carefully built in the bottle by a skilled artisan.

  7. says

    Would it have managed a left hand threaded lid though? Octopussies might just be constructed on clockwise principles.

  8. Chakat Firepaw says

    @The Mellow Monkey #12

    WMDKitty: …so you’re saying the octopus saw it fits, so it sits?

    That’s pretty much it. One method of fishing for octopuses is to literally put a pot on the sea bottom, wait a few days, then haul it back up. These aren’t like lobster pots with a funnel or other trapping structure, just a simple earthenware pot that doesn’t even have any bait.

    It seems that, like some cats, octopuses like to crawl into small spaces.