Morris March for Science details

Make your plans! Saturday, 22 April, meet near campus:

We will be meeting at 12:30pm at the UMM Sign on the corner of College Ave & E. 4th Street. There will be some brief comments from various people and participants are welcome to check out the posters in the Campus Center that Students have created as part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium. At 1:00pm we will begin our march down 4th Street, crossing Atlantic at 5th we will march up to Snap Fitness and cross back over ending our march at the Morris Theatre. MPIRG, CURE & The UMM Office of Sustainability are hosting a free showing of the ecological documentary “Before The Flood” at 2pm with a Q&A to follow the film. Bring your family and friends and join us in taking a non-partisan stance for Science!

The Undergraduate Research Symposium will be that morning; come early and tour UMM, stopping by the student center to see the research posters. The movie Before the Flood will discuss the evidence for and consequences of climate change, and it’s free to the public. Come spend the whole day celebrating science in Morris!

Mano posted about the Cleveland march about the same time I posted this — they look like they’ve got lots going on, too. If those aren’t close enough for you, check out the huge list of satellite marches.


  1. Vivec says


    Many university leftists seem to admire or condone social-activist violence (while in the next breath will discuss the latest film noire as they sip their favorite wine).

    Has there even been a legit film noire movie in decades? What is this “leftists like film noire and wine” thing?

  2. gijoel says

    From Ken

    You could easily imagine a person like this professor standing in the Colosseum of Rome cheering as Christians were thrown to the lions.

    I can easily imagine a person like you cheering as the atheist/gay/lesbian/transgendered/feminist/anyone not Christian/non-white/doesn’t agree with you about everything cheering for the lions.