No spin poll

Our president* trusts Fox News to bring the non-fake news, so help them out.

How would you rate President* Trump’s first month in office?


Gosh. It doesn’t seem to be going very well for him.


  1. robro says

    “Poor” is better than I would give him (them) if they had some more accurate choices like awful, horrible, shitty, fucked up…you know, what it’s really like.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I would have liked to see “an arrogant and ignorant bad rugged narcissist without a clue on how to govern, total failure.”

  3. robro says

    According to their map…which oddly shows results for only 4 states…he’s doing worse in Texas (87% Poor) than in California (67% Poor). If that stands, it suggests that even his vaunted base may be turning against him.

  4. John Morales says

    Robro @4,

    According to their map…which oddly shows results for only 4 states…he’s doing worse in Texas (87% Poor) than in California (67% Poor). If that stands, it suggests that even his vaunted base may be turning against him.

    That’s one plausible possibility.

    Another is that poll respondents are not a random/representative sample of the population, but rather of that subset who have sufficient motivation to participate (look at the pronounced bimodality).

  5. John Morales says

    gijoel, yes, though I think more significant is that the last option is the only one with no elucidation.

    (A very crude use of priming)

  6. Penny says

    I have just voted. I’m in the UK. I wonder if Fox are going to add a map of the rest of the world to their results map?

  7. davidc1 says

    There is a story on fox nation about hundreds of scientists asking the snatch snatcher to withdraw from the UN climate change agency .

  8. cvoinescu says

    I now realize that we all misunderstood Trump. It does not look like he’s draining the swamp, as promised. But he is! He’s draining the swamp into his administration.

  9. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Would prefer a 5 star YELP scale, where he could get (NEGATIVE 5) stars.
    Maybe Stars for positive, Turds for negative == I’d give him 10 out of 5 Turds for negative quality.

  10. blf says

    Sort-of related, With Big Red Stamp, Russia Singles Out What It Calls Fake News:

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry got into the fake news business in a splashy way on Wednesday.

    No, not by creating it. That dark art seems to emanate from other, even more opaque branches of the Russian government.

    Rather, Maria V. Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the ministry, unveiled a new section on its website meant to highlight articles that it considers to be fake news, including one [Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump] by The New York Times.

    Just in case anybody missed the point, each article on the Foreign Ministry website carried a big red label reading FAKE in English and a line saying that the information in the article does not correspond to reality.

    […] The Foreign Ministry’s new venture in singling out fake news seemed to fit a pattern identified by many analysts of creating alternative realities meant to sow confusion in people’s minds, in that way discrediting all news sources.

    It was hard for some critics to take the ministry’s fake news detector seriously, and some suggested that inclusion there was something of a badge of honor, an indication that the article had hit close to home.

    The Foreign Ministry has become a propaganda wing serving the Kremlin rather than a diplomatic service that establishes foreign policy, said Alexei A. Venediktov, the longtime editor of the respected Echo of Moscow radio station.

    “You shouldn’t worry at all,” he said, but should instead consider being singled out by the Foreign Ministry to be an honor “like a medal.”

    […] The spokeswoman emphasized that the Foreign Ministry would consider the news fake when it failed to include Russian reaction or the Russian position on the issue. […]

    Badge of Honour indeed!
    And, according to the alleged criteria, the news [is] fake when it fail[s] to include Russian reaction or the Russian position on the issue, faux’s “poll” is “obviously” “fake”!

    (As the article goes on to note, “There is a rather distinct gap between what Russia is accused of disseminating and what it labeled fake news. […] Seemingly borrowing a practice from President Trump, Russia appears to be labeling as fake any articles it dislikes.”)

  11. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    My vote of [POOR] brings the totals (@9:21 Eastern Time 2/24/17) to:

    [great] = 20 – – –
    [mixed] = 7 –
    [poor] = 73 – – – – – – – – – –

    such a biased poll, even the middle (which would conventionally be zero) is Positive with blame being thrown at protestors euphemized as “unnecessary controversies”). And this is a site that claims

    for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship.

    yet they strongly support the exemplar of intolerance. I smell a contradiction.
    Why am I not surprised from a place called FauxNation.

  12. robro says

    John Morales @ #10 said “poll respondents are not a random/representative sample…” Exactly the reason for my equivocal language. I wouldn’t even know about the poll except for PZ’s post. Plus it’s a relatively small sample, and a badly designed poll (can we say “demand characteristics”). Still, you would think the intersection of Texas and Fox would mean a lot of pro-Trumps votes to drown out poll hackers like me.

  13. says

    It’s a totally weird poll at best. I check it out at least once a day, and it seems to get reset every couple of days or so. And the longer I follow the (so-called) results, the more they seem to be skewing away from what fRump would like to see. I’ve voted some of the same questions up to perhaps a dozen times.