There’s one thing that will get me to turn on Fox News

Sunsara Taylor will appear on the Tucker Carlson show in about an hour, at 9ish ET.

I wonder if Carlson will do that insipid, uncomprehending face he always puts on when someone says something that doesn’t fit his world view?


  1. redwood says

    Just watched and enjoyed. She ignored Carlson’s ridiculous questions and said what she wanted to say, so good for her. I think he thought he could browbeat her into responding to nonsensical questions, which would make her look stupid, but she didn’t fall for that.

  2. sobriquet says

    I just watched the clip on Youtube, and agreed that she did really well staying with what she wanted to get across. And WOW, those Youtube comments! I honestly cannot believe there are actual, living people like that that exist. I’m especially puzzled by this whole alpha-male thing that keeps coming up over-and-over from right-wingers. For example, from the comments section of the Sunsara Taylor interview:

    “She needs a man in her life. An actual man, not a beta male.”

    “real men would walk away from that basket case. Most men try to fix crazy alpha males are smart enough not to deal with that bs”

    What’s the deal with this whole alpha-male thing, do right-wingers actually go around their daily lives with this mindset (not a rhetorical question)?

  3. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    sobriquet #3
    it has never been the case that someone who self-declares to be an
    alpha-male, is actually an alpha-male.
    (you probably already figured that out)

  4. wzrd1 says

    @sobriquet #3, if you think the YouTube comments are something, you should see the Twitter comments!
    I’d not be surprised to see, after some research, quite a few of the “Alpha Male” bullshit comments originating with a political action group or equally likely, Russia. That many coming up with the same lines typically are originating from paid assets, who drown out any other form of conversation.
    Regrettably, some shit birds then embrace those statements, engaging in that way in daily life, resulting in a breach of the peace.

  5. Elladan says

    So where is this YouTube video you’re talking about? … because I searched for it, and every single copy appeared to be an Alt-Right meme video attempting to operate as clickbait / SEO to discredit her.

  6. sobriquet says

    @Elladan, the one I watched seemed to have been taken down, but this one is identical:

    Get your barf bag ready at 5:25, where that shitface, with no hint of irony at all, and with a condescending scowl, accuses Taylor of being privileged. The amount of anti-Soros wankery (wingnut insanity over Soros is another thing I will never understand) in the comments is also out of this world.

  7. Saad says

    Weird that she’ll waste precious prime time talking about an easy target like Trump when the real problem is Hillary Clinton.

  8. Terska says

    The fascist movement uses alpha male all the time. It involves fantasies of guns, violence, abuse of women etc, They think men have been tamed and need to become vikings again.

  9. rietpluim says

    Funny thing too that virtually everyone of them sees himself as the alpha male. Which, of course, is impossible. There can only be one alpha male in a pack.

  10. rietpluim says

    Besides, being the alpha male is a tough job. Always the responsibility for the well-being of your pack, always the pressure of the competitors, always insecure but never allowed to show it… No, alpha male is not a position to yearn for.

  11. beardymcviking says

    @Terska #11

    I resent that! Vikings really don’t deserve comparison to these arses. Otherwise I totally agree with you though :)