We haven’t done a poll in so long

Sorry. I used to post links to online polls all the time, just to mock their worthlessness, but I sort of stopped as it sunk in that people were still taking them way too seriously. Here’s one that’s sort of interesting, though: Fox News has a series of online poll questions asking what you think of Trump’s performance on various issues. And the respondents are generally hammering> him!

Did I say this was a Fox News poll? I did. It’s just really weird. The votes are in the tens of thousands right now, and it’s a landslide against Trump.

Where were these people on election day?


  1. Siobhan says

    And the respondents are generally hammering> him!

    Except for “0 days since being a national embarrassment” Texas.

  2. oualawouzou says

    So many of these questions have “no good answer”. And so many obviously haven’t been proofread.

  3. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Where were these people on election day?

    Voting for *c*h*a*n*g*e*. Trump isn’t the change that they wanted though, and they are just finding this out. They thought their SSA, Medicare, subsidized health care insurance, unemployment, disability, etc. would be safe, and are beginning to realize that all that safety net appears to be going away.
    All because they couldn’t get past the buzzword *c*h*a*n*g*e*, and look at policies (what few there were, were straight from the Heritage Foundation), or rather, the lack thereof.

  4. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Their last question, is trump having a good first week? Can not be answered.
    — Yes, he’s following through on multiple campaign promises
    — No, his agenda has gotten sidetracked by unnecessary controversies

    I mean he is following trough with his promises, yet that is hardly good. The controversies they generate are not unnecessary. I suspect they rigged this question with those qualifiers to bamboozle everyone.

  5. ftltachyon says

    I saw the poll already, I don’t remember where but I mostly see liberal sources. So it’s probably just that the poll escaped the Fox news crowd already, not that the Fox news crowd voted that way.

  6. Penny says

    Where were these people on voting day? Well, not all respondents are necessarily from the US. I’ve just answered some of them and I live in the UK. (Mind, I’d never have found the poll without PZ’s post).

  7. says

    I read Fox New’s account of the Monday Night Massacre (I make a point of keeping up with them, if only to be prepared for my Christian conservative family’s regurgitated talking points) and was legitimately surprised at the tone – I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “critical,” but it was definitely less fawning than usual.

  8. woozy says

    Is Melania Trump being treated fairly is a bizarre one. By whom? The media? By Trump? The Internet?

  9. Raucous Indignation says

    Melania is a grown woman. She can leave this situation whenever she’d like. It’s not like the American public is treated fairly.

  10. rietpluim says

    Since every other “Yes” is in favor of Trump and “No” against him, I guess the answer to “Is First Lady Melania Trump being treated unfairly?” should be No as well.

    The headings are quite interesting too. The question “President Trump promises that Mexico will pay for building border wall, but Mexico’s president says they won’t. Should we force Mexico to pay for it?” is headed “Cost of Freedom”. Isn’t that funny? BTW I felt a tendency to answer “Yes”, like “Yes, yes, let Trump try and suffer the backlash.”

  11. zetopan says

    Not everything there is getting “hammered”. For example, according to that poll Kellyanne Conway is being unfairly treated by the press. I suppose one could think that the press is being too lenient on her, but I suspect that is not what the actual voter’s have in mind. And what is with the map showing only a few states in red?

  12. gijoel says

    I have an insufferable ass of, for want of a better term, friend who ever so patiently explained last night that the Muslim ban was aimed at countries that couldn’t properly document said immigrant/refugees status. Another friend pointed out that one of the victims of this stupid mess was an Iraqi veteran that had spent nine years working as an interpreter for the US army.

    It shut him up for a second or two but not for long. Seriously need new friends.

  13. says

    James and Lachlan Murdoch – who are becoming more influential at Fox as Rupert ages – said the following in an internal memo:

    “21st Century Fox is a global company, proudly headquartered in the U.S., founded by–and comprising at all levels of the business – immigrants,… We deeply value diversity and believe immigration is an essential part of America’s strength.”

    Not a direct criticism of the ban, but an indirect one. I think there’s some ‘buyers remorse’ at Fox.

  14. johnlee says

    Your post about needing new friends is more important than it may seem
    What do we do when faced with friends/family who have bought into this stuff?
    An old friend of mine from your side of the pond voted for Trump, and reckons that he’s not a big deal and just wants to fix the economy. Some years ago, I went to a party he hosted in Philly, and there were people from all over the world. He took me to see the Liberty Bell, and I wallowed in Thomas Paine and the Rights of Man. Hey, this is America, Man!
    My sister has always tried to encourage me, my wife and children (from another EU country) to come and live in Britain to be near my family. Yet she voted for Brexit, which means big problems if we want to come and live in the UK.

    These two are very close to my heart, yet they neither of them seem to grasp that these things affect people that they may know, not just numbers in a newspaper.

    Do I too need new friends?

  15. anbheal says

    Yeah, I’m visiting family in the Rockies foothills, Metro West Denver, which is an odd district, with a blend of an upper middle professional class of soccer moms and techies, libertarian mountain men, Boulder faux-progressives (they drive a Prius and have been to one gay wedding, e.g.), a Latino working class, gun nuts and devout Christofascists, old-fashioned Mo Udall-esque liberals, aging hippies, pot-smoking Buffalos, trust fund ski bums, etc. Several very appealing neighbors voted for Trump, and now have buyer’s regret. “It’s just that I couldn’t stand Hillary, she just reeked of inauthenticity, I never actually thought he’d win!!” And they sit around at cocktail parties chuckling at the latest Facebook meme mocking Trump. When, ya know, it’s their fucking fault. Elections have consequences, but they seem blithely unaware that they had a chance to behave accordingly but didn’t. I still find them appealing. Just a tad stupider than I would have guessed.

  16. davidc1 says

    Hi ,spent a couple of hours this afternoon ,commenting on World Nut Daily ,from all the nonsense on there i think that is where all the Faux news watchers were .
    I had all my posts removed ,and i was finally blocked .
    These rightit wingnuts can dish it out ,but they can’t take it.

  17. says

    @ 17 anbheal:

    I still find them appealing. Just a tad stupider than I would have guessed.

    I just cannot do that, trumpism is an absolute dealbreaker for me with regard to friendship. I did the same thing with Republicans around 2005 and haven’t looked back. It’s a serious character flaw, and as long as I can choose my friends, I’m going to avoid it.

    It’s getting harder to find friend candidates as I get older (49).

  18. Moggie says

    “Is trump having a good first week?”

    Well, he doesn’t seem to be having a very *happy* week. He’s discovering that presidenting is hard work, he’s massively unpopular, officials are defying him, and he’s widely regarded as Bannon’s glove puppet. Four years must be looking like an awfully long time to him right now, and he can’t resign until he’s delivered what Putin wants from him.

  19. duanetiemann says

    Ouch! It looks like the credible polling supports the ban.

    By a narrow 48 – 42 percent, American voters support “suspending immigration from terror prone regions, even if it means turning away refugees.”

    By a broader 53 – 41 percent, voters support requiring immigrants from Muslim countries to register with the federal government.

    Google immigration ban poll and there is no good news.

    Canada is looking better and better.

  20. numerobis says

    Canada is great, we haven’t had a right-wing terrorist attack in days.

    Immmigrants from Muslim countries currently do register with the federal government, just like immigrants from all other countries do, along with returning citizens (or expats visiting the US). That’s what the border guards do, that’s their one job.

    It seems like a lot of Americans believe the borders are open, people can just waltz in unseen.

  21. anbheal says

    @23 Numerobis — that’s Mexico, heading south. Just pull up to the gate in downtown Laredo and it opens, no passport check, no humans, they just let you come on down and enjoy. The money I could make bringing in retail coke to sell back to the Sinaloans…..

  22. jo1storm says

    @ 16 johnlee

    These two are very close to my heart, yet they neither of them seem to grasp that these things affect people that they may know, not just numbers in a newspaper.

    Other people? Some people I know can’t grasp that it affects THEM! They do not vote according to anything approaching reality, consequences or similar pesky little things.
    They are all “Well, this sounds good.” or “I do not care about politics. I don’t even know who is education minister in my country!” or, my favourite:

    “He can’t be that bad. Look, he increased pensions 5% last month!”
    Me:”Yeah, he cut them 10% 2 years ago, they are still nowhere near that before level!”
    Them: “But he had to, IMF forced him to, he is doing his best now!”
    Me: “He just spent millions of $ buying fighter jets, around 100 times more than he saved by pension cutting!”
    Them: “But we need them for defence. He says so!”
    Me: *sigh*

    Thinking about other people? I’d be happiest man in my country if the “regular voter” thought about themselves and I would be dancing on the street every day if they thought about anyone else when coming to vote.
    We’re talking about:

    Them:”How does it affect me?”

    Me:”It doesn’t, but it helps around 10.000 families in a city not 200 kilometres away from here. You already have it.”
    Them:”Screw them, why should they get anything more from the government? When was the last time I got something from the government?”
    Me: “It’s the clean water decision! It’s a petition. They want to build a new water treatment plant and they only need your signature. You’re not paying for it, government is not paying for it, they are paying for it, they are just too small for the government to approve it without additional 20.000 signatures!”
    Them: “Fuck them, they are not getting my signature.”
    Me: “Your aunt lives there.”
    Them: “And she is the healthiest in the family, the old bat.”

    The moment I actually get “How does it affect me?” instead of “What’s in it for me?” is the moment my hopes rise despite all of my previous hope-raising experiences.

  23. cnocspeireag says

    Well, they probably voted. Don’t ever forget that the American people voted for Hilary but the corrupt Electoral college installed the unelected Trump. The USA isn’t a democracy.

  24. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Don’t ever forget that the American people voted for Hilary but the corrupt Electoral college installed the unelected Trump.

    Corrupt? Please show me money changed hands. If that didn’t happen it isn’t corrupt, just archaic. And should be replaced by a constitutional amendment for direct election of the president. I just don’t see that happening in my lifetime….

  25. jrkrideau says

    @23 numerobis

    Canada is great, we haven’t had a right-wing terrorist attack in days.

    And hopefully not a while yet,

    Of course with Kellie Leitch and possibly the weird businessman whatever his name is, who knows?

    Still I remember the shootings in Ottawa in roughly the 1960s and the École Polytechnique massacre.

    On the other hand I googled the local university and found this.


    It was a bit heartwarming.