1. operabuff says

    Well, I know some bromeliads are tasty; my family just enjoyed a pineapple for dessert!

  2. petrander says

    I am being slammed on some YouTube video about Ayaan Hirsi Ali being bigoted against muslims, which I find hard to believe, but I am willing to learn more. I know Sam Harris has made some questionable claims, but how bad is Hirsi Ali? And did she really defend Anders Breivik?

  3. martha says

    And Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad Trilogy is lovely, although it’s one of the ones he wrote for kids.

  4. says

    @petrander It would be difficult to surprise me about anything Ayan Hirsi Ali said about Muslims.

    She is to Islam as Ayn Rand is to Communism, a completely off-the-rails militant who is feted throughout the west because she’s well-spoken and has the right enemies. There was a time in the late aughts where she would flatly call for the world abolition of Islam and a western war against it, and claimed that Islam, the religion, was tantamount to fascism.

    Her statement on Breivik was pretty equivocal. She blamed “advocates of silence” for Breivik — basically, political correctness made him do it.