Is this any way for Dracula and Frankenstein to act?

Got this via @RobinInce — an interview with Christopher Lee in which he talks about Peter Cushing and their shared fondness for Sylvester and Tweety Pie.

I now consider myself excused if I occasionally descend into being five years old again.


  1. says

    Oh. Oh my. Now I have to get out all my Looney Tunes discs. And the director’s cut of The Wicker Man, gotta see Lord Summerisle once more.

  2. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    If he had tried this tactic with Sauron, he could have avoided a lot of bloodshed.

  3. fishy says

    Is it wrong to love Warner bros. cartoons and yet know that they were incredibly racist, sexist, and bigoted?

    One of my favorites is when Daffy wins the day . Sadly, he has to die to defeat Bugs Bunny. I think it had something to do with gunpowder, nitro-glycerin, uranium-238, and a lit match.

  4. keithb says

    Speakking of Grand Moff Tarkin, I just saw Rogue 1 and zombie Peter Cushing was done pretty well. There was even a weird credit about thanking the Disney Research team about Peter Cushing’s teeth

    Spoiler Space:
    Carrie Fisher did not get a credit, just a “Thanks”.

  5. handsomemrtoad says

    Christopher Lee was a trained opera singer. You can hear him sing in The Wicker Man, which is far and away his best movie, no other even comes close. The Wicker Man was also Lee’s personal favorite, and he was so excited by the screenplay that he did the movie for free, no salary, no compensation.

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    handsomemrtoad @8:

    The Wicker Man was also Lee’s personal favorite…

    He said it was the best film he’d made, but I’ve read and heard (Ben Mankiewicz quoted Lee before a TCM airing of the film) that The Devil Rides Out was his personal favourite. I also preferred it, and The Hound of the Baskervilles, to The Wicker Man. And much as I’ve enjoyed Lee’s work, I think Edward Woodward*’s performance was what really made the film work.

    *He was also excellent in the superb Australian film Breaker Morant.

  7. jimthefrog says

    Thank you for posting this. A very touching interview about a lifelong friendship.

  8. says

    Christopher Lee could have read the phonebook to me and I’d have paid attention to every single word. He didn’t only do the voice acting in the Last Unicorn, but also in the German version. His German was amazing and 99% free of any English accent, but the remain 1% made it even better. Something ever so slightly “off” hard to put your finger on.

  9. says

    Rob @ 9:

    I think Edward Woodward*’s performance was what really made the film work.

    I almost agree. The play between Woodward and Lee is something to be savoured. Unless you have the extended director’s cut, you end up missing some excellent work by Woodward, regarding the character’s backstory, and things like him trembling from the attempt to suppress his sexual feelings. It’s a superb performance.