1. Nullifidian says

    Are you sure that’s not a photo of Trump, taken surreptitiously in the penthouse suite at Trump Towers?

    As it’s a slow day here:

    There once was an old man named Trump;
    on Americans, he wanted to dump.
    He claimed, “Climate change is a hoax,
    by some sharp Chinese blokes”.
    Old man Trump is an ignorant chump.

  2. says

    My NaNoWriMo book is a Fantasy with moderately firm SF-style world-building. (There are at least gestures toward actual climatology and plate tectonics and thermodynamics.) And there are magical octopus people…

    Can you recommend a good recent source on octopuses? I can handle a fair amount of technical detail — astronomy minor far too many years ago and I subscribed to Scientific American for decades until they got lame — but I’m not really interested in going down to the biochemical and cytological level.