RH Reality Check gets a facelift

I have to say that the original name was clumsy and not very catchy. But now RH Reality Check has been renamed to Rewire. Same great content, better look.

But I still have to explain that it’s a site that focuses on reproductive health.


  1. brett says

    The site definitely looks good, and it’s more navigable now.

    It looks like they decided to get rid of comments, which is understandable but still kind of a bummer. There were some regular commentators over there that were cool to talk with, and the site wasn’t at the point yet where shitty people had completely overrun the comments (although maybe it was and there was simply a lot of very active moderation).

  2. spamamander, internet amphibian says

    No more comments? I really enjoyed some of the people there. I can understand though, wading through the anti-choice hatemongers was probably a huge moderator challenge.