Cafe Scientifique for November 2015


Next week, on Tuesday the 24th at 6pm in the Common Cup Coffeehouse, Sylke Boyd will be telling us all about “The Evasive Northern Lights”. I’m hoping she’ll tell us how to catch them. Come on by, it’s all open to the public.


  1. blf says

    How to catch ’em?
    Oooh, that;s easy
    First, catch yer leprechaun.
    (The mildly deranged penguin says you should then wish for cheese (be sure to specify an extensive variety, none British Industrial Cheddar), no peas, MUSHROOMS!, vin, …, moar chjeese, …, and …, also …)

  2. Pilum says

    I remember lying on my back in the snow as a kid watching the northern lights. Fascinating. And it still fascinates me.