1. August Berkshire says

    Yet another reductionist campaign to take attention away from the real cause: evil spirits.

  2. says

    Cumin? Really? Perhaps ground up, low quality cumin smells like sweaty person, but not good cumin seed. Not my cumin seed, anyway.

  3. says

    RE: cumin – many chemicals that are present in spices and/or used in deodorants and parfumes smell very nice in very, very low concentrations, but smell really awfull if more concentrated or even pure. So it is nothing surprising that unplesant and pleasant smells share the same components.

  4. Saad says

    Goat, garlic, cabbage, onion, cumin, cheese.

    Hmm, body odors are sounding like the beginnings of a pretty delicious recipe.

  5. Monsanto says

    I feel short-changed. You left out my favorite flatulence flavoring — 3-methyl indole (or skatole).