Friday Cephalopod: the Blob

Divers discovered this gigantic transparent blob floating in the sea off the Turkish coast. What could it be?

It looks like that’s a squid egg mass, containing millions of eggs and embryos, drifting deep in the ocean until it hatches out, releasing a vast swarm of tiny predators in one overwhelming cloud. If you’re not going to tend to your babies, that’s a smart strategy for giving a percentage of your relatively helpless young a chance to live.

Oh, ignore the music in the video. It’s insufficiently doom-laden and lacking in minor keys.


  1. lakitha tolbert says

    As long as it stays exactly wherever it is, we shouldn’t have a problem. Right?

  2. congenital cynic says

    With all of the strange things that live in the sea I’m amazed that something isn’t trying to eat it.

  3. AlexanderZ says

    I still don’t understand how a relatively small animal, hell, even one like the Humboldt squid, can lay such a large mass of eggs. Do several squid come together to produce it?

  4. azpaul3 says

    Wow. That is amazing.

    Like congenital cynic said, I’m surprised it’s not the favorite dish on an overactive buffet line.

    And do listen to the music. The score is quite appropriate. Dr. Zebrafish has a tin ear. Ignore him.

  5. Rich Woods says

    I had absolutely no idea that anything like that existed.

    Another happy day.

  6. Markita Lynda—threadrupt says

    When the fish discover it, they will eat as much of it as they can. Scattered remnants may survive.