FtB Minneapolis gathering

Ed Brayton is going to be in Minneapolis for the Sunday solstice event with Minnesota Atheists this weekend, and he gets in on Saturday. If you don’t have tickets to the Winter Solstice dinner (it’s sold out!), you can still join us Saturday night at the Radisson Blu Minneapolis, in the hotel bar at 8 to whenever. I’ll be there, so will Brianne, Stephanie, Jason, and of course, some guy named Ed. Come on by for casual conversation. Maybe Ed will tell us some jokes, too.

That’s this Saturday, the 20th, 8:00pm, at 35 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402. I’ll have my grading done by then, so I might even be coherent and semi-human!


  1. Athywren; Kitty Wrangler says

    I’m far too cool to attend such things. I’m also way too on the other side of the world. If you ever hold any events in Yorkshire, or when I’m freer and richer, I’ll demonstrate a marked reduction in coolness and attend, but, until then, I’ll be the serious-and-deep-looking one who isn’t there.
    *adjusts shades and struts away*

  2. Athywren; Kitty Wrangler says

    Have fun, though. I am not at all jealous, because of how cool I am, but definitely have fun.