That poisonous patriarchy

Atheism is important — that I’ve become disenchanted with the front men for the movement does not diminish the significance of the cause. If you want to understand why, read Vyckie Garrison’s story, or watch her tell it.

It isn’t simply religion that is the problem, it’s the amplification of deleterious effects by the cooperative synergy with a culture that takes patriarchy and submission for granted.

I’ve seen Garrison at a number of conferences, and she’s always impressed me — that she escaped an abusive situation with the energy to fight hard for other women tells you that she’s strong, and her willingness to publicly tackle deep social problems tells you she’s brave.

Unfortunately, being strong and brave sometimes isn’t enough. Vyckie Garrison needs help for her family. Chip in if you can.


  1. The Mellow Monkey says

    Brava, Vyckie Garrison.

    The reason you can find Quiverfull families in nearly every type of Christian congregation is because Quiverfull beliefs are not actually a radical departure from traditional Christian teachings regarding marriage and family. It is my contention that Quiverfull IS regular Christianity writ large … lived out to its logical conclusion.

    This and as she goes through how Christianity did a lot of the abusing for him…

    For instance: the signs of emotional abuse include put downs, shaming, and guilt-tripping. Well, this is something my husband would never do … there really was no need since I was already fully aware of my inherently sinful nature, my “desperately wicked heart,” … He didn’t need to remind me that even my very best efforts were like filthy rags in comparison to God’s holiness.

    …is some powerful, heartbreaking stuff.

  2. ceesays says


    Seriously if gaslighting sets you off, tread extremely carefully.

    Now I need to go hug something.