Inhofe is wasting our time

Minnesota’s Democratic senator, Amy Klobuchar, recently introduced a resolution in the senate that simply stated a clear fact that congress tries to avoid: that climate change is real. James Inhofe (Republican doofus from Oklahoma) got up to insist that he sees nothing, nothing, and that he had a petition from 9,000 cranks that there’s nothing to worry about.

Then Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island rose up to slap him down.

People like Inhofe are a catastrophe for progress and reasonable action on important issues. Could you Oklahomans please stop electing these idiots? We’re getting rid of Bachmann up here in Minnesota, I think it’s only fair that you sacrifice a wingnut, too.


  1. says

    J. M. Inhofe – R-OK, $6.8 million in contributions. $558,150 from oil and gas. $208,654 from electric utilities. $176,193 from mining.

    Dude’s a shill of the people who are causing climate change.

  2. corwyn says

    He is a shill for the people who are *profiting* from climate change. We are ALL causing climate change.

  3. hawkerhurricane says

    In support of Minnesotans sacrificing Bachmann, I would like my fellow Californians to assist me in sacrificing Darryl Issa. Who’s with me?

  4. jdinga says

    Here in Georgia we’ve eliminated Jack Kingston, Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun, M.D. from Congress, and shut the door on a resurgent Bob Barr. I think three of a kind beats a lone queen.

  5. anteprepro says

    Well as a Massachusettsian, I have no sacrifice to bring, since our only notable Republican was Scott Brown, who wormed his way into office with a special election but was removed during the 2012 election cycle. Speaking of which, Scott Brown is apparently going to try to worm his way back into the Senate by running in New Hampshire this year. Though Scott Brown is probably one of the few half-way decent Republicans out there, so it might be better than whatever Randian drone New Hampshire Republicans would normally eagerly produce.

    Also: Inhofe should be forced to guzzle gasoline for the rest of his life. At least it would shut him up.

  6. hillaryrettig says

    this could be an early round (tho not the first) of a battle between the coastal and inland states on this topic.

  7. samihawkins says

    I’m glad you made a global warming post this morning because it gives me an excuse to bring this to everyone’s attention:

    It’s finally happened. The Siberian permafrost is melting, vast stores of methane are being released, and we’ve started a feedback loops that can’t be stopped.

    I don’t know which emotion is more powerful at the moment, fear of what our planet will be like in a few decades or rage at the people who refused to take their heads out of their asses and admit there’s a problem until it’s too late.

  8. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    On a more positive note. Sheldon Whitehouse is a freakin’ national treasure.

  9. cicely says

    I look for Oklahoma to double down. Oil is very big, there, and so is ignorance.

  10. says

    It’s not just the money Inhofe gets directly from the carbon industry, it’s his constituents too. Drive through Oklahoma some time and there is the smell of hydrocarbons everywhere. Amazingly there is one small patch of windmills. But Oklahoma is dead as far as farming goes so it’s the money from carbon that keeps the place alive and those folks vote their bucks as well. So ridicule is the only weapon against Inhofe since he’ll hold that seat as long as he wants.

  11. says

    @4 – Yeah, I’d say we Californians sacrifice Issa. Unfortunately, the 49th district runs from La Jolla to Dana Point, some of the more conservative area’s in California

  12. says

    Time again to mention David Twohy’s excellent The Arrival, where GW is caused by ETs making our planet more like home and they appreciate our help!

  13. says

    Cross-posted from the Lounge thread.

    Climate change news: megadrought, the failure of El Nino, and backup for ocean warming causing problems.

    Chances of a western north America megadrought of an intensity not seen since before the arrival of European explorers just went up. The largest surge of heat ever recorded moving west to east in the Pacific ocean along the equator just dissipated heating the planet to the warmest 3 months in history, but failing to produce an El Nino. Strong El Nino events intensify the jet stream across the Pacific, bringing rain to California and the southwestern U.S. Although a number of climate models still predict an El Nino, the chance of a drought breaking strong El Nino has gone way down with the passing of this huge Kelvin wave. […]

    Daily Kos link.

  14. says

    More on the megadrought, specific to California and southwestern USA, from the link in comment #19:

    One hundred percent of California is in severe or worse drought. The failure of this Kelvin wave to trigger a strong El Nino means that there is no end in sight to this drought. The liklihood of drought worsening across the southwestern U.S. has gone up because a strong El Nino would likely bring rains from California to Texas. Instead of a warm tropical Pacific pulling the jet stream down, warm water in the subtropics and temperate zones has pushed north in the northern hemisphere. This movement of heat will tend to move the jet stream poleward, leaving California and the southwest in drought.

  15. says

    Climate news from Alaska:

    Many of Alaska’s nutritionally and economically valuable marine fisheries are located in waters that are already experiencing ocean acidification, and will see more in the near future, the study shows. Communities in southeast and southwest Alaska face the highest risk from ocean acidification because they rely heavily on fisheries that are expected to be most affected by ocean acidification, and have underlying factors that make those communities more vulnerable, such as lower incomes and fewer employment opportunities. […]

  16. says

    More climate news from Alaska — nice photo at the link, too.

    Researchers have now measured swells of more than 16 feet in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea, just north of Alaska. These wind driven waves are breaking up the sea ice faster than the warm temperatures that have been melting the sea ice due to Global Warming. Jim Thompson of the University of Washington states that “What we’re talking about with the waves is potentially a new process, a mechanical process, in which the waves can push and pull and crash to break up the ice.” […]

    Daily Kos link.

  17. Ray, rude-ass yankee (now in HD-3D!) says

    hawkerhurricane@4, I’m in!

    rationalinks@5, Don’t tell the scientologists.

    Imhofe sounds like shultz fron “Hogans Heroes”

  18. Duckbilled Platypus says


    That article just scared the living daylights out of me. I’m terrified and sitting here with sweaty palms. I was already very concerned about our future what with all this global warming going on, but this one will have me worried senseless for time to come.

    The article’s style is somewhat too colloquial for me – I sincerely hope the author made somewhat of an exaggerated report and we still have some time to make amends. .I honestly didn’t need this wake-up call, I already felt the urgency to battle global warming, without it.

    We need to fucking get our shit together ASAP.

  19. Mobius says

    Well, I’m an Oklahoman that has never (not once) voted for Inhofe. The first time I became aware of him was when he was running for Congress the first time and a radio ad where Inhofe said God had chosen him to be in Congress. He lost my vote right there…permanently. (Not that there weren’t a host of other problems with his positions.)

    An aside…

    Right after the revelations of Abu Graib, I wrote an e-mail to Inhofe protesting torture. I got a response back saying how much we needed torture to fight the terrorists. Jeez.

  20. dahduh says

    Just did a random sampling of some of the names in the “Petition Project” mentioned. Not random, Edward Teller, whose signature appears on the front page coded in 1999 vintage HTML. Notorious arms hawk and inspiration for Dr. Strangelove, Teller died 2003 – good thing they got to him early. And that seemed to set a trend. More than half of about 10 names I picked (only selection criteria, reasonably likely to be unique) – are dead. Of old age. Those that appear not to be dead are mostly retired. A Sally G. Zinke turned out to be “Geoscience Manager at Ultra Petroleum Corp”. Then I go bored.

  21. vereverum says

    Could you Oklahomans please stop electing these idiots?

    We do what we can; would you rather have this one?
    or, perhaps, this one?
    sorry, but his really interesting site has been taken down and this is his new one. Probably a cost issue. Though most of it can be found here (text, the links don’t work).

  22. says

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  23. Anthony K says

    Sorry Helen. We have no need for spells. However, if you know of any excellent clerics, preferably ones with healing and herbalism proficiencies, there is an opening in the party.

  24. militantagnostic says


    Teller died 2003

    Was that before or after he signed the petition? I also wonder how many of the names on that petition have changed their minds since, don’t remember signing it, have asked to take their names of it etc.

    Lynna – Aren’t you quite the ray of un-reradiated sunshine today :(. Where I am (southern Alberta) insted of drought we are getting wetter summers and milder but longer (or maybe it just seems that way because the weakening of the polar vortex changes the path of the jet stream resulting in fewer chinooks) with much more snow. The result has been a couple of 100 year floods in one decade.

    @samihawkins – yikes – the release of methane from melting permafrost and seafloor clathyrates/hydrates is a positive feedback that is very likely disastrous. I think we have reached the point where geoengineering has to be considered and that is going to be riding a tiger.

  25. Pierce R. Butler says

    We’re getting rid of Bachmann up here in Minnesota…

    Whaddya mean “we”? So far as I can tell from down South, _law enforcement_ gave Bachmann the choice of leaving office or facing prosecution; the voters in (her part of) the 10K-Lakes State would’ve kept her in office longer than Strom Thurmond if they could.

  26. Ichthyic says

    We’re getting rid of Bachmann up here in Minnesota


    no way can the district she comes from take credit for sense on that one. This was a planned GoP strike to get rid of her, as she was becoming more and more of an embarassment.

    they basically caught her up in ethics charges and forced her to not run again for re-election.

    it had NOTHING to do with the people from her district. really.

    if they had their way, she’d probably die in office.

  27. Ichthyic says

    In support of Minnesotans sacrificing Bachmann, I would like my fellow Californians to assist me in sacrificing Darryl Issa. Who’s with me?

    I keep telling people who live where I was born, that the only way to get rid of Issa is exactly the same way they got rid of Bachman.

    all you need to do is set him up on ethics charges. just the slightest thing to get him in front of the ethics committee will do.

    The GoP will have to be the ones to do it though, and Issa is from a VERY rich district. seems unlikely at this point, even though he is really as much of an embarrassment as Bachman is.

    bottom line, you want to get rid of Issa? you have to find a monied interest willing to nudge the GoP into doing it.

  28. Ichthyic says

    …there is another way, though far less likely:

    sue the state of CA for redistricting. remove his rural district gerrymandered support, and he’ll get tossed out.

    that would require you to get a lawyer who is really interested in pursuing redistricting cases to take it on.

    I haven’t seen that happen in that area since the 70s, or maybe the early 80s.

    good luck.

  29. Ichthyic says

    …last thing to note: it was the GoP that was screaming about the new district lines for the most part. I don’t know what happened as a result of all that, but I’m betting they got what they wanted.

  30. busterggi says

    “if they had their way, she’d probably die in office.”

    She’s in office now & should stop procrastinating!