Getting ready to leave for #cvg2014

Expect updates to be more sporadic than usual around here — I’m off to Convergence for four days of happy chaos. By the way, I just noticed that Amanda Marcotte will be attending — you’re really missing a maelstrom of godless, science-packed, feminist-fueled wildness if you aren’t coming. Party on, dudes & dudettes.


  1. David Wilford says

    FYI, as of 9:30 am there are already lines at registration. Which given an attendance of 7,000 people I’d expect.

  2. jimkakalios says

    See you there PZ. David Wilford – thanks for the heads up re: Registration.

  3. Mobius says


    Have fun storming the castle.

    (Sorry, after responding to Ed with a Princess Bride quote, I’ve got the movie on my mind.)

  4. yazikus says

    SallyStrange, is that something she said she supports? I know that there have been some issues with her in the past that people found problematic, but that isn’t one I have heard of.

  5. says

    I’m here, and I’m checked in. It was fast & painless, except for some reason Mary is hung up in the line. I think they decided she was too dangerous to let in.

  6. Ogvorbis: Still failing at being human. says

    except for some reason Mary is hung up in the line. I think they decided she was too dangerous to let in.

    In one of my albums — Arlo Guthrie Live in Sydney — Arlo describes the difficulties he has in airports. He tried explaining to the young officers that he’s not nearly the threat he dreamed of being. Maybe Mary is the threat she dreamed of being?

  7. twas brillig (stevem) says

    re 9:
    Agree +1000, I cannot fathom the concept of “We gotta lock up the guilty, whatever it takes to do so; even if we gotta force the testimony from the victim.”
    Compassion; she’s doin it wrong. :-(

  8. michaelvieths says

    I spent the day setting up in gaming up on 22. Most of the lines for registration had cleared by around noon from what I saw. Reg is open until 6pm today and after 9pm tonight for those who want to get registered early. Hopefully we can avoid another Regnarok like last year (though to be fair, Thursday falling on the 4th caused a good chunk of that).

  9. David Wilford says

    I was there yesterday afternoon hanging some of my wife’s artwork in the art show and then just hung around for a few hours gaming and then taking with some friends who had come up from Chicago and had a table in the dealer’s room. Lots of activity, but not crowded – yet!

  10. says

    That will change. People were lining up at 8am for registration this morning.

    But they sailed through! My daughter went down to register at 9:30, and she was back 5 minutes later.