Hello, Connecticut!

I have arrived in Hartford. Nice airport. Now I have to find my way to my hotel, and then I have a few hours to explore before my talk. I hear there is a fascinating historical site, Mark Twain House, near my hotel–maybe I’ll take a tour.


  1. embraceyourinnercrone says

    I hope to be able to make it to your talk(printed my tickets!)

    Sorry in advance for the humidity, its not usually this bad until July I swear

  2. teslaturing says

    Welcome fellow heathen!!!!! Hartford, beware the Atheists will be out in full force tonight!!!!

  3. zathras says

    Welcome to Connecticut. I didn’t know you were coming here otherwise I would have bought tickets to hear your talk. The Mark Twain House tour is definitely worth it.

  4. infraredeyes says

    If you can’t make the Mark Twain house for real, be sure to admire the Lego model of it that is on display at the airport.

  5. blf says

    Poopyhead is now in the den of unimaginable evil. If he survives with even one tentacle intact, the visit will be, by local standards, a failure.

  6. fluffybunny says

    Great talk in Hartford, I really liked how PZ scolded the co-host for blaming women for not being Atheists.

  7. 32bituser says

    Just got home from the talk, and subsequent after-gathering at Vaughan’s Public House. The Twain House discussion was ranging, and the question section was non-hostile. The after-gathering was fun and consisted of about 10 people. PZ was a great host and weathered our questions and comments with grace.

    I can personally account for three Guinness that did not survive the night.

  8. Callinectes says

    Can all of us expect that if we accomplish anything of particular note, our homes will never be lived in again?

  9. Bill The Splut says

    I was a happy atheist about 15 minutes in, when I realized you were sitting under the word “TRUTH.”

    My friends perked up when you mentioned the ex-fundie blogger in Austin, as they’re moving there in a month. We didn’t catch his name, even the second time.

    Great talk, especially the Q&A. And that line for the signing was very long after you signed mine, so I’m guessing that it was a success for you.

  10. rogerfirth says

    Bill The Splut wrote:

    My friends perked up when you mentioned the ex-fundie blogger in Austin, as they’re moving there in a month. We didn’t catch his name, even the second time.

    That’s Matt Dillahunty. He’s with the Atheist Community of Austin and has a weekly cable access show in Austin called The Atheist Experience, the audio of which is available as a podcast He’s good. Very good, and knows the bible better than any fundie I’ve ever seen.

    Be sure to watch the video of his recent debate with Sye Ten Bruggencate, a presuppositional apologist. Sye Ten was completely outclassed. It was almost painful to watch.

  11. teslaturing says

    I was surprised at the number of believers who attended. And like everyone else my sister and I had a wonderful time. Bought the book, got it signed, and got a pic .

    The next evening I asked one of the nicest,most optimistic teachers I have ever met “What is the secret that makes you so happy and optimistic”? She went into a 15 minute rant about becoming a better christian through studying Jesus…Facepalm