How can you not help three little kids?

A fellow atheist, Angelina, was recently murdered, leaving behind three children: Greta Christina has the story. Somebody is still looking forward to the future of those kids, though, and has set up a fundraiser so they can go to college someday. Chip in if you can.



  1. René says

    Tried to donate, but the software doesn’t seem to support my brand of tablet. Will donate to Médecins Sans Frontières instead.

  2. plainenglish says

    When harm comes to children, there is nothing more important to attend to in life, nothing more pressing or deserving. I am grateful for your sharing this, PZ, and I have given to the fund via Greta’s blog.

  3. Friendly says

    I’ve been hit with unexpected medical expenses that have me carrying a credit-card balance for only about the third time in my life, but I donated after reading Greta’s writeup anyway. Paying a little bit of extra interest is worth it to help these kids, because I knew that if I’d waited, I’d’ve forgotten to do it (or, worse, rationalized not doing it) later.

  4. jrfdeux, mode d'emploi says

    I’ll be donating as soon as my divorce settlement is finalized. Whatever I can do.

    I have two little kids of my own, and I’d adopt all three of them if I could afford it. Poor little things. :-(

  5. yubal says

    I put that fundraiser on the agenda for our upcoming family budget meeting this Saturday.

  6. pyrion says

    Why do they actually need that money for college in the USA? Why is access to higher education limited to the wealthy? Can’t really understand that. Of course even here in germany it’s advantagous to have some money while studying, but it’s not mandatory at all. There are government programs to cover you and access to universities is really cheap.

    Looks like the USA does not need a lot of educated people.