Say hello to Kaveh Mousavia

Freethoughtblogs has a new addition, Margin of Error, by an Iranian atheist. His first post is up; it’s a general critique of Islam.

First day here and he’s already writing stuff that could get him jailed or worse in his home country.


  1. Kaveh Mousavi says

    Thank you very much PZ, I feel very honored to be here. I didn’t have an opportunity to thank you personally before.

  2. Sven says

    You atheists only bash Christianity, you never criticize Islam, you hypocrites!

    — like a million billion internet Christians

    Annnd here I go bookmarking Margin of Error.

  3. ck says


    Maryam Namazie has been writing here for a long time, as well. Not that the complaint you quoted was ever about any kind of real failure to criticise Islam, mind you.

  4. paulburnett says

    Speaking of freethoughtblogs, what’s happened with Chris Rodda? It’s been a month since “This Week in Christian Nationalism” had a new article.