A tragedy in Morris

The Happy Atheist

I have learned that the university bookstore in Morris has completely sold out of all copies of The Happy Atheist. I know, rural residents of western Minnesota, you were hoping to pick up a few pallet loads to give out as Christmas presents this year, and you were planning to drive in to town with your pickup trucks to get them today, on Black Friday. I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Like much of the rest of the world, you’ll have to order them online. They do make entirely appropriate gifts, especially if you’ve got one of those annoying relatives who always gives out religiously-themed presents.


  1. smhll says

    Somewhere on the internet, you just know someone is going to spin this as — “PZ Myers is a sellout!”

    (I am referring to people who usually can’t spell your name right.)

  2. says

    Hey PZ! Are you going to do an audio edition of the book? Unabridged? I love buying the e-book then listening to the audio as I read along. That’s how I read Greta Christina’s “Why Are You Atheists so Angry?”, and it was awesome.

    It should be in your voice, though. Wouldn’t want to hear anybody else reading it…

  3. Cuttlefish says

    Ha! There are plenty of copies of mine left!

    Any week now, I plan to break into the double digits in terms of numbers sold, so I suspect there will always be plenty of mine left, and no danger ever of selling out.

    *sobs quietly*

  4. stevem says

    Re OP:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!11!!!1!1! <somebody had to say it>

    Who woulda thought Happy Atheist would get sold out? Maybe the world isn’t as delusional as we thought! Happy news [just keep an eye out for bonfires <JK> ]

  5. =8)-DX says

    What!? Goods are bought and sold offline?!!

    I’m kind of torn here – my fundie Catholic family doesn’t really hand out religion-themed presents =/. I’ll just have to buy it for myself when I have enough free(TM) capital.

  6. steve oberski says


    And I hear that physical representations of personal wealth in the form of paper and metal are used as the basis of exchange, How strange.

    It could be time to start a new tradition in your family, I may just do the same thing with my Catholic family. It’ll do them a world of good.

  7. krubozumo says


    I have bought your book, it will arrive eventually at this distant outpost. Based on past experience I will enjoy it. You write well, you think clearly, and you know whereof you speak. I find the title mildly
    ironic, did you intend it to be so? Life without fear is not just happy, it is shall we say ecstatic?

    All the best….

  8. bargearse says


    Curse you, not only did you beat me to the joke but you even cited the same source! He’s realiable isn’t he?