Author Speaks

It’s an Interview with Jesus and Mo from the Council of Ex-Muslims. He seems like a very nice fellow.


  1. rnilsson says

    The Muse is a very important figure indeed. Sort of a mother figure, holding up a mirror. Almost holy; at least to the Classics.
    Some may have a secret idea as to her identity; I do. All inside the fantasy of course.
    Hey, is that why we have a taboo against breaking mirrors?

    In your cartoons the barmaid is the sceptic who teases Jesus and Mo, answers back, exposes them and presses them on their beliefs. She is the audience for their comical folly, pomposity and hypocrisy. She is always unseen. She seems like great fun. Can you talk a little about her, her role, and the importance of their questioner being a woman?

    I feel oddly uncomfortable talking about the barmaid. Not sure why.

    She’s the voice of reason, obviously. It seems appropriate that the figureheads of patriarchal religion should be schooled by a woman. Her relationship with J&M is an affectionate one, though, if not exactly respectful.

    I think that even when faced with the folly, pomposity and hypocrisy of the boys, the barmaid still recognises them as human beings, and so treats them humanely.

    Religion is a human invention, after all.

  2. JohnnieCanuck says

    I’ve come to enjoy those spaghetti elbows the author uses on his characters. Mostly though, the drawings recede far into the background of what he presents.

    I marvel at the mind that can create such incisive satire, and so consistently. So often I have to go back and read a strip again or look in the comments to see what I missed on the first reading in order to ‘get’ it.

    He has some very dedicated commenters there as well. People that have been following him for years.