A little music with a message

I liked this video, but warning: bullying, and no, it doesn’t have a happy ending.

(via Joe. My. God.)


  1. Brother Yam says

    Thanks, nice way to start my day…

    Having gone to a Catholic high school from a public school and not one of the kids that went to Our Perforated Savior like all the others, I was either tortured or ignored. High schoolers can be really awful people.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    The really heart-rending one for me was the teacher, who saw what was going on but didn’t know what to do, so she didn’t do anything.

    I’ve seen schools without anti-bullying programs, and schools that had them. They really do work, as long as all the adults at the school buy in. It’s possible to change a culture — sometimes in a very short time. Never let people say that “kids will always be that way.” We know how to change this, and we can do it!

  3. smhll says

    I was crying by the end. I kind of know that I’m not courageous enough to break up a serious fistfight, but I like to think I would at least step in front of someone and take a paint balloon to the stomach to show some solidarity. At least, I hope to be that person.

  4. Lurkeressa, Always Late to Juicy Threads says

    What’s more, I don’t even want to check Youtube as curious as I usually am, I already know what’s going to be there and would just get depressed and angry. Lol good all emos are gay and should die, he was totes asking for all of it, what with being a goth and all, he had a choice to try and be like the others but obviously enjoyed being miserable and was just desperate for attention, and of course even if someone graciously thinks he didn’t deserve to die, it’s still bad to be gay.

  5. qwerty says

    It’s an effective video in that we don’t really know for sure that he is gay, but he is different. So, he is treated differently and treated as gay.

    The actor I thought was gay is the young student who is encouraged by the older students to take a balloon and throw. He seems to do this unwillingly, but he does it from peer pressure or the fear that he could easily be the target of abuse.

  6. tbtabby says

    I can’t watch this due to trigger warnings. Even a fictional account of bullying is enough to make me want to put my fist through the wall. In both the personal experiences I suffered and the far-worse things I’ve seen happen to others while the adults who were supposed to have our backs did nothing but give me any number of excuses, ranging from “Just ignore them and they’ll go away” to “We have to stay neutral in conflicts” to “You have to feel sorry for them because all bullies are depressed loners with low self-esteem.” My father still swears by that last one, because he just can’t handle the concept that kids are just as capable of simple cruelty as adults are, often even moreso. Show him evidence to the contrary and he’ll just stamp his feet harder and insist that the bully’s true, lonely, depressed, low-self-esteem-having nature is hidden “deep down” and that any study which doesn’t find it simply didn’t look hard enough.

  7. says


    Sorry for not knowing the embed codes.

    No need to be. Linking is the preferred method anyway. and thank you: it’s a good song, though triggering.


    Linking a video so it doesn’t embed:

    <a href="LINK goes here"> Totally awesome youtube video</a>

  8. Ichthyic says

    I don’t even want to check Youtube as curious as I usually am, I already know what’s going to be there and would just get depressed and angry.

    remarkably, there isn’t a single negative comment there. all positive.

  9. iainr says

    Yesterday I watched the video without sound and it was powerful and moving.

    Today I tried it with sound and I couldn’t take it with the music which was horrible.

  10. jaggington says

    Thanks Daz.

    Also, I apologies for not leaving an explicit trigger warning above the music video I linked to – it contains scenes of homophobic violence.