Manitobans are getting busy

Our neighbors to the North are getting out and doing stuff throughout September. They’re launching the You Are Not Alone! campaign, and doing this fancy outreach stuff.

The Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba (HAAM) are having so many good events coming up that we’ve decided to call it the “You Are Not Alone” campaign. It’s “Super Secular September” in Manitoba.

In brief:

– This weekend our booth will be out at the Morden Corn & Apple festival (very bible-belt area of Manitoba) doing outreach.
– Winnipeg transit will run our external bus ads starting September 2.
– Manyfest, another festival in Winnipeg on September 7/8. Outreach again.
– We’re sponsoring a talk on behalf of “Dying with Dignity Canada” on September 10th
– Fourth annual Skepticamp on September 14
– Our regular September meeting on September 21

I imagine they’ll get a few double-takes at the Morden Corn & Apple Festival, which is exactly why atheists ought to do more of that sort of thing.


  1. Sastra says

    I used to help out at an atheist booth at the Wisconsin State Fair — another venue which wasn’t the sort of place you’d expect to see an atheist booth. It was … a ride.

    And yes, I’d recommend that atheists do that sort of thing.

  2. shockwaver says

    Wow! Manitoba is on the internet for something that isn’t completely backwards.

    It’ll be nice to see bus ads about humanism. Knowing some of the people I work with it’s going to lead to some interesting conversations. Good on all of you in HAAM.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Am I the only one who first read that venue as the Mordor Corn and Apple Festival?

    In that case, the Humanists really should be accompanied by Elfists and Dwarfists, plus a wizard or two…

  4. hillaryrettig says

    Many thanks to the Manitobans, Sastra, PZ, etc., for their activism.

    “Go where you are least wanted, for there you are most needed”. -Abby Kelly Foster, 19th century abolitionist